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Come and discover Stanley Park — the top rated urban park in the world

Looking towards the Yacht Club at the entrance to Stanley Park
Looking towards the Yacht Club at the entrance to Stanley Park

At 1001 acres, Stanley Park, located immediately north of downtown Vancouver, is one of the largest urban parks in the world. Attracting more than 8 million visitors every year it has been rated the number one urban park in the world.

Largely surrounded by seawater, Stanley Park is famous for its 8 km seawall which you can walk, cycle or rollerblade around. As you make your way around the seawall you will enjoy superb views of different parts of the city including the north shore mountains and the impressive Lions Gate Bridge. I would highly recommend walking or cycling at least a portion of the seawall. Bicycle rentals are available near the Georgia Street entrance to the park.

At the south end of the park where it meets up with Vancouver's West End highrises you will find Lost lagoon which is home to an extensive variety of waterfowl. You can enjoy a pleasant walk around the lagoon on the walking path. On nice days you can find local artists displaying their paintings at the 'Painters Circle' just south of the Aquarium. There are many wilderness trails winding throughout the interior forests where you will find Beaver Lake, a large pond with a rich ecosystem. There is a large outdoor salt water swimming pool overlooking the ocean at second beach. Families with children will love going for a ride on the Miniature Railroad. Stanley Park is also home to the renowned Vancouver Aquarium, one of Vancouvers top attractions. Other attractions in the park include the beautiful Rose Gardens, an 18 hole pitch and putt golf course, and tennis courts.

Several restaurants in the park provide awesome food and a great atmosphere in a variety of settings including The Fish House in Stanley Park located just east of Second Beach near the park entrance which offers a variety of west coast cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, The Prospect Point Cafe where you can enjoy seafood, burgers, and pasta with unbeatable views of the Lions Gate Bridge and the North Shore mountains and The Teahouse, a romantic location where you can enjoy fresh west coast cuisine along with spectacular ocean and mountain views.

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Address: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

Phone: (604) 681-6728

Official Website: Stanley Park

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How to get to Stanley Park by Skytrain

Skytrain Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Expo LineBurrard Station2 Minutes
Canada LineWaterfront Station2 Minutes

From Burrard SkyTrain Station take the Burrard Street Exit. Walk to your left (North) along Burrard Street 1 block to West Pender Street. Cross to the far side of Pender and look for the westbound #19 Stanley Park Bus Stop to your left. From Waterfront Station on the Canada Line exit onto Granville Street and walk south 1 block to Pender Street. Proceed left around the corner onto Pender to the westbound #19 Stanley Park Bus Stop. Take the #19 Stanley Park Bus to its terminus just inside the park.

Stanley Park Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 269 reviews. See all

5 Star Rating We enjoyed a good few hours in Stanley Park. Walking around a lake, through a forested area, a rose garden, along the coast...all of it was lovely and it felt great being there!

Veg Nik - 22 days ago

4 Star Rating In a towering forest of pipe and steel, an island of green emerges like a nightmarish pimple in Donald Trump’s utopian wet dream. This is Stanley Park, a thousand acres of grass, forests, and stone reminding those in downtown Vancouver that they still live in Canada. If it was just the Aquarium, that would be enough justification to visit, but there’s still enough to satisfy someone for hours…assuming you don’t mind walking. For those unwilling or out of shape, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the car below thirty and just cruising the circuit which snakes throughout the park, stopping occasionally at a tourist attraction. Just to clarify…it wasn’t laziness on our part. Okay, it wasn’t JUST laziness. We walked the entirety of Seal Bay Park in Courtenay—just putting things into perspective. We spent most of the day at the Vancouver Aquarium, leaving less than ninety minutes for the rest of it, a paltry ration for one of the largest and greatest parks in the word (so goes the acclaim). I appreciate the fact such a respected park is mostly a rainforest sanctuary. When the ultimate fate of our ecosystem has devolved into some Gibsonian sprawl of artificiality where smog has permanently blocked our view of the stars, heavy trucks thunder along pitted roadways while cars battle through traffic fumes, and overpopulation has forced the construction of cheap ugly apartment blocks shielding citizens to the beauty they once took for granted, Stanley Park will most likely remain, unsoiled, bullied by encircling brutalist architecture--and holy hell, did I go maudlin there. Wow. Sorry. Must have been all those futurist books I read in the 70’s. Yeah, Stanley Park is very green, and it should remain that way. Felled trees should be left felled. Animals should be undisturbed. I believe our experience can be replicated. Fun can be had. I know there are stories about robberies and beggars, but this wasn’t our experience. I think people should be wary no matter where they travel. People complain about crime, garbage, and transients…but have you seen the city? What did you think this was? Calgary? Vancouver is a labyrinth of clashing architectures the likes of which could mystify Terry Gilliam. Rely on your Satnav and you’ll have no problem getting in, navigating, and getting out of the park. There was a lot more we missed and my review should only be taken as the broad evaluation of the park as whole that it is. The important thing is that I will be returning the next chance I have an extended stay in the city. (And yes, I did admittedly quote one of those futurist books of the 70’s up there, but unless you are a world-class nerd, you’ll never find it)

Chris Dias - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating My Father in Law loved this Park. He spent many hours playing checkers,with many friends here. It is absolutely beautiful here,and is also a great place to relax.

Williàm White - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating Beautiful walk, jog or bike ride along the sea wall. There are three different beaches you could go to all with different views. You could visit the Vancouver Aquarium, second beach pool or many park areas to play at. It is a great place to have a picnic or play sports for fun.

Ryan K - 7 months ago

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