Cheap Places to Eat in Paris

So you’re on vacation in Paris and there is so much to see and do, but you also gotta eat. Well it is well known that, when it come to dining out, Paris can be an expensive city. If you are travelling with kids, the cost of eating out can really add up fast. Not to worry though, as there are some great places to satisfy your appetite, some even healthly. You just need to know where to look.

Before I go into specifics of where to look, I will share some general suggestions for saving money when dining in Paris.

Since you are on vacation, change you eating routine from the usual schedule to avoid the peak rush. This may be difficult at some restaurants as they often close between lunch and dinner. Thing is, Parisians usually eat later in the day, especially the evening meal. If you know when a restaurant opens try and get there a little before, as they often get crowded and even lined up shortly afterwards.

Try making lunch you biggest meal of the day and just having a light snack or some fast food for your evening meal. Nice restaurants usually have a significantly lower price on their lunchtime menus than on their evening menus. This means more value for your food budget without compromising your dining experience.

Try to book a hotel that includes some kind of continental breakfast in their rates. That will give you a good, quick start to your day and help save even more.

Dining in Paris

Cheap places to eat in Paris

Following are some cheap places to eat in Paris – and some of them pretty healthy too! Ironically many of the best food values in Paris are cuisines other than French, so you will find a nice variety to choose from, including French. Bon apetite!

Crepes: La Crêpe Dentelle located at 153 rue Montmartre and open M-F 11:30-3:30 and 8-11pm serves up a selection of tasty crepes. The prices are very reasonable.

Breizh Café at 109 rue Vieille du Temple Royal and open Wed-Sat from 12-10 and Sun 12-11 is another creperie that offers a wide selection of delicious crepes and the atmosphere is nice as well.

Soup and Sandwiches: Cosi located at 54 rue de Seinee is open everyday from 12-11. It is a great little soup and sandwich shop that uses fresh ingredients. Great for a quick light meal.

Fallafels: L’As du Fallafel at 34 rue des Rosiers and open Tue-Thu noon to midnight, F 12-3pm and Sun 9-12am offers outstanding Fallafels that are rich in flavour. There is nearly always a lineup but it does move quickly. Possibly one of the best deals on food in all Paris.

Moaz located at 36 rue St-André des Arts serves great tasting vegetarian fallafels and also has a salad bar. They are open right through the afternoon. Seating is minimal, so this is more of a take-out option.

Pizza: Brava Pizza located at 38 rue du Cardinal Lemoine is a little ‘hole-in-the-wall’ that just does pizza, but it is good and a great way to fill that void in your stomach when you find yourself in the east side of the Latin Quarter.

Vietnamese: Banh Mi at 7 rue Volta and open Mon to Sat 11-7 simply offers Banh Mi sandwiches made with fresh baguettes and succulant meats. Ingredients are fresh daily, so when they run out, they run out, which is often a couple of hours before closing.

Japanese: Juju-Ya located at 46 rue Sainte-Anne and open M-Sat 10-10 and Sun 10-9 has decent Japanese fare bento box style. Great for a quick lunch or evening bite to eat when you need a break from the traditional French cuisine. Prices are at the lower end of the spectrum.

Indian: Ganesha Corner at 16 rue Perdonnet and open everyday from 1am to 11:30pm serves savoury dosas that are truly a bargain. If you feel like Indian cuisine at a cheap price this is a great choice.

Mexican: El Nopal at 3 rue Eugène Varlin is open Tue to Fri 11:30-3 and 6-10, Sat 6-11 and Sunday 1-9. Mexican food is limited in Paris and good Mexican even more so. El Nopal has delicious burritos and tacos at very reasonable prices.

French: Au Pied de Fouet has 3 locations in Paris: 3 rue St Benoît in the 6th arr, 45 rue de babylone in the 7th arr and 96 rue Oberkampf in the 11th arr. Open daily these small homestyle bistros serve simple, traditional French dishes at very reasonable prices considering the high caliber of food and service. Of course outstanding value is soon discovered, so expect a lineup. Open Mon-Sat.

For our complete recommendations on the Best Places to Eat in Paris visit our Paris dining section.

If you know any other good places to eat in Paris that are inexpensive and have great food, please share them with our readers in the comments below.


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