Is a City Pass Worth It? Find Out Here

Everybody dreams about seeing different parts of the world, but travelling to a big city can be a costly proposition. With airfare, car rental, and lodging fees being as high as they are today, it is easy to send your vacation planning over budget much quicker than you would like. After all the money you have to spend just to get to a city and find a place to stay, it can be frustrating to have to spend even more money to see the attractions that the city has to offer. If you want to save money while still being able to see a lot of sights, a city pass might be the right option for you. They allow you to gain entry into many of a city’s popular attractions for free, but is a City Pass worth it when you consider the upfront cost? Well a City Pass definitely can be a good deal, but that depends on what attractions and how many of them you plan to see.

How Does A City Pass Work?

A city pass is a neat money-saving option that is offered in many major cities around the world. Before you start planning your vacation to any city, search to see if they have a city pass. If they do, you have the potential to save a lot of money. When you buy a city pass, you gain free entry to all of the pass’ included attractions.

How To Get The Most Out Your City Pass

Many city passes have a “purse value,” which refers to the value you are allowed to get out of the pass. If you happen to go over that purse value in the admission costs that you rack up for a day, then you will have to buy a new city pass. However, the purse value is usually high enough that you will not be able to go over it unless you only visit each attraction for a very short time.

To determine your potential savings from purchasing a city pass research which attractions you would like to visit and determine how much they each cost and how many you can reasonably expect to see each day. From that you can easily calculate how much you will save with a city pass.

Multi-day passes will generally save you much more than a one day pass as your price per day drops significantly when you purchase more than one day. Since time is the main limiting factor on how many attractions you can visit in one day you may find it difficult to see enough attractions to realize much savings with a one day pass, however, with a multi-day pass the savings can really add up.

Keep in mind that a city pass can also help you see more attractions each day because they allow you to skip the ticket line-up at many of the attractions they cover. This is another great benefit that goes far above and beyond the monetary savings.

Another tip for getting the most out of your city pass is to plan your itinerary well. Look for attractions that are located close together and plan to visit them sequentially. Also check which attraction opens the earliest and start with it then finish your day with the attraction that closes last. Doing this will free up time to visit more attractions in a day maximizing your savings.

City Pass London

Are you planning a visit to London, England? If you are, a London Pass might be the perfect option to get the most bang for your buck out of your vacation. The London Pass allows you entry into many of the city’s most popular tours, museums, and galleries. It also comes with many special savings at local stores and restaurants. You can even get free movie tickets!

The London pass costs £47 for one day. Buying passes that last more than one day is definitely preferable, because the discount in price is huge. A two-day pass is £64, a three-day pass is £77, and a six-day pass is only £102. For slightly more, you can get a pass that includes travel, meaning that you get free access to buses and trams. If you do not plan to rent a car, this option can save you even more money.

Each London pass has a purse value of £80 per day. This means that you can get up to £80 of value in admissions and discounts from your pass. For example, you could visit four attractions that have a regular admissions cost of £20 each. Despite this purse value, the money-saving potential is huge. For the price of a six-day London pass (£102), you can benefit from up to £480 worth of free admissions!

The London Pass includes entry to many wonderful attractions. For example, you can get free entry to the world-renowned London Zoo! You can also visit Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, the Queen’s Gallery, and more. Many of these locations even offer fast track for pass users, meaning that you can skip straight to the front of the line.

City Pass Paris


The famous Louvre Museum is one of any attractions you can visit for free with a Paris Pass.
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Paris is a beautiful city that is known for its array of museums and galleries. If you are interested in seeing a lot of different museums and historic buildings, the Paris Pass is an absolute must-buy. With the pass, you can save a huge amount of money on entry to attractions.

The Paris Pass has three different pass options: 2-day, 4-day, and 6-day. The adult pass is €110 for two days, €155 for four days, and €185 for six days. They also offer hugely discounted child and teenager passes if you are travelling with your family. Included in the cost of your pass is admission to various tours, galleries, monuments, museums, and buildings around the city.

Paris has a lot of museums, and many of them are included in the pass price. Whether you are interested in music, science, space, fashion, wars, or archaeology, there is a museum for you included with the Paris Pass. The pass also grants you access to art galleries, such as the Louvre, the Orsay, and the National Modern Art Museum. If museums are not your thing, there are plenty of other attractions included with the Paris Pass! You can take a bus tour around the city, go to the aquarium, try out some wine tasting, or visit the Notre Dame and the Palace of Versailles. There is something for everyone!

City Pass NYC

Another popular city that offers a discount pass is New York City. The New York Pass offers free admission to many of the city’s popular museums, landmarks, and attractions. It also gives you fast track for many of the attractions; instead of spending time in line, you can get right to the attraction and spend more time there.

The New York Pass offers several different options for different lengths of trips. The one-day pass costs $85, the two-day pass costs $130, the 3-day pass costs $180, and the 7-day pass costs $230. There are also discounted passes for children and separate passes that include bus fare.

With the New York Pass, you gain access to many varied attractions and landmarks. If you are an art fan, you can visit the Bronx Museum of the Arts or the Museum of Modern Art. Baseball fans will love the Yankee stadium tours, while television fans will enjoy the tour of the NBC studio. There are lots of options for families, too, including a Harry Potter-themed exhibit and the Jewish Children’s Museum. No matter who you are with, everyone will find something to do with their New York Pass!

City passes do offer a good option to save money when travelling. They also make it easier to quickly get in and out of some attractions without wasting time in line. If you are visiting a big city and you are interested in seeing the city’s big attractions, there really is no reason not to buy a city pass, especially if you are visiting for more than one day.


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