New Tool to Silence Noisy Vancouver Bus Passengers

Inside a pretty crowded bus towards downtown Vancouver

Inside a pretty crowded bus towards downtown Vancouver cc licensed photo by Brian Holsclaw

Do you ever hear those people who practically shout into their cellphones while riding public transit? Sometimes you’d think they were trying to should across the city. At times I’ve thought they just want to make sure everyone on the bus hears their ‘important’ conversation.

Good news! Starting on April 1st,2016, some transit operators in Vancouver will have a new tool available to deal with annoying passengers who talk too loudly on their cellphones.

According to Translink, a new technology, developed in a joint project between themselves and a Silicone Valley start-up called CyberSystems, will enable Vancouver transit operators to detect which phone is being used by the loud caller and disconnect the call by simply tapping a button on their TMAC communication screen.

This should result in a much quieter ride for more considerate passengers, who are already praising the new technology.

If the pilot project, which only runs until noon, proves successful, Coast Mountain Bus Company, a division of Translink, will install the new system in their entire fleet of buses by the end of the year. The total cost of $20,160,401 is good value when you consider the major improvement this technology will bring to bus service in Vancouver.

Not only will it make for a more peaceful ride, it will hopefully prevent Translink from implementing the other option they were considering – banning cellphone use on buses altogether.

In the future it is hoped the technology can be enhanced to disable phones and devices that are playing loud music as well.

Other transit authorities including the TTC in Toronto, MTA in NYC and Transport for London are keeping a close eye on this test to determine the suitability of this new technology for their own systems.

We too will be watching this test closely and will keep you updated on the outcome. Let us know how you feel about this new innovation.


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