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We periodically write articles about the various cities we feature on TourbyTransit along with other general interest travel articles. While our main website is protected under copyright, unless otherwise indicated, our blog articles are available for use without charge on other websites or blogs via a Creative Commons – Attribution – No Derivatives 4.0 License. Our terms and license regarding the republishing our blog posts are as follows:

Content Syndication Terms

Except where otherwise indicated (may apply to some guest posts and content syndicated from other sources), you may reproduce our blog articles on your website or blog provided that you do not alter the title and/or text and you keep all links in the article intact and functional. Copy and paste following code into under your article to comply with our attribution requirements.

<a rel="license" href=""><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" /></a><br />This work by <a xmlns:cc="" href="" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL"></a> is licensed under a <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License</a>

All other content on this website is copyrighted and may not be reproduced under any circumstances without our express written permission. You may not reproduce our blog articles on any sites that also include adult content or content that expresses any kind of hate or discrimination towards an individual or group.

We welcome and encourage you to republish our blog posts providing you comply with the above conditions. Anyone who uses our content and does not comply with the above conditions will have the matter brought to the attention of their hosting ISP via a DMCA take down notice along with the possibility of litigation.


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