The Lowdown on Dog Friendly City Breaks in Canada

With 41 percent of Canadian households having at least one dog, it’s not surprising that we don’t want to leave without them when we escape for a city break. As the dog population in Canada increases each year, so does the number of pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and parks as they accommodate the love we have for our four-legged companions. Although there are things to avoid when traveling solo when visiting Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto, you don’t need to worry about going it alone: you can take your canine companion and have a great time.

Essentials to know

If you’re traveling from the US to Canada, careful planning is needed so that everything in order beforehand. Having a microchip, Health Certificate and ensuring all vaccinations are up to date are essential. While service dogs are accepted into any establishment, taking responsibility when traveling with your canine means following basic precautionary tips when it comes to using a car to travel and abiding by the regulations required by business owners.

Choice of accommodation

All of the three major cities offer a varied choice of pet friendly accommodation with over 200 pet hotels in Montreal alone. However, simply being pet friendly isn’t always enough so check if the hotel offers designated areas for taking exercise which is away from other guests and busy streets. Additionally, find out if there is sufficient space for you both to go in and out of the building. You should also research if there are any hidden charges.

Best for going out

Fortunately, there are plenty of dog-friendly options for shopping in Canada, from LUSH to PetSmart stores. While you both have to follow a store’s rules for bringing a dog inside, some branches even offer treats and water bowls. Restaurants and bars with patios in Vancouver and Toronto also have great areas for dogs which often provide shade and water so you can stay with your dog and both enjoy a drink too.

Great for the outdoors

We all know how important it is that our pooches have regular exercise and Toronto offers plenty of open spaces. There are over 50 areas in the city where you can let them off the leash. For example, Kew Gardens in Toronto’s Beach Neighborhood which is also fenced off so is ideal to let your dog freely run around. Similarly, Vancouver is surrounded by beaches and water so they’ll love the banks of the Fraser River or the world famous Stanley Park. In Montreal the pathway along the banks of the Lachine Canal is one great option for walking your dog away from traffic.

It’s likely that when visiting one of Canada’s cities, people and local businesses will welcome dogs and cater for your canine, leaving you both to enjoy your city break.


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