Toronto’s York Spadina Subway extension opens on Sunday, December 17th.

Inside the new Vaughan Metropolitan Station as it nears the end of construction

Inside the new Vaughan Metropolitan Station as it nears the end of construction.

Toronto’s new York Spadina Subway extension is opening on Sunday, December 17th. This project, over 10 years in the planning and making will be the first time the TTC subway operates beyond the city proper. The total travel time from Union Station in downtown Toronto to the new Vaughan Metropolitan center will be less than 45 minutes.

The new line extends the Spadina Line another 8.6 kms in a northwestly direction all the way to the city of Vaughan and adds a total of 6 new stations.

Each of the new stations feature a unique modern design. Plenty of windows and skylights bring in abundant light during the daytime.

Unlike many of the older stations, each one is fully accessible. The new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station is particularily exciting as it will open in conjunction with the new SmartCentre Place Bus Terminal served by Regional Transit buses and the new VIVANEXT Bus Rapid Transit Station.

This will not only benefit commuters who live along this corridor, but ahould also bring more visitor’s into the outlying neighbourhoods – a boon to both business and tourists.

Visitors to Toronto will also have more hotels near a subway station to choose from. Several hotels in Vaughan offer competitive rates compared to downtown and the new subway will provide much quicker access to the city centre.

Our Interactive Toronto Subway Map has been updated to reflect the changes.

Photos of the 6 new TTC Subway Stations located on the new Spadina extension

Downsview Park Station

Finch West Station

York University Station

Pioneer Village Station

Highway 407 Station

Vaughan Metropolitan Station

Animated tour of the rapid transit connections opening December 17th, 2017 at the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre – the last stop on the new extension to the Spadina Line.


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