Stewart Museum at the Fort

View National Treasures at the Fort de I'll Sainte-Helene and the Stewart Museum

Stewart Museum
Stewart Museum cc licensed photo by Kenn Chaplin

When visiting the Fort de l'Île Sainte-Hélène and the Stewart museum one can almost hear the words of the Canadian national anthem bouncing off the walls with pride as the fort protects and houses a large collection of Canadian history.

With a passion for Canadian history from the perspective of the development of the western civilization in North America, David M Steward and his wife Liliane have an impressive collection of artefacts and documents housed at the Stewards museum at Fort de l'Île Sainte-Hélène.

The museum is funded by the Macdonald Stewart foundation and to date is the foundations most important undertaking receiving numerous awards for their contribution in documenting and safeguarding the Canadian history.

The fort was built by the British between 1820-1824 as a place to storage facility for weaponry and ammunition. It then become a military prison before being taken back by the City of Montreal. The fort has gone through transformations since then and, after restoration, was finally opened again to the public.

With over 3000 works of art, 9000 household objects, 500 scientific objects, 9,500 military objects and weapons and a huge variety of maps, books and pictures, the Stewart museum has a great variety to choose from when putting up a display for your enjoyment. There is everything to see from accounts of early explorers who travelled the world using the stars as their guides to mementos from the various battles fought on Canadian soil. You can even see how science has advanced through the years with the display of scientific objects.

For those who do not wish to browse unguided, the museum offers guided tours which are themed on certain sections of the museum. During the summer months, there are a variety of shows aimed at children held in the courtyard. They can see things like musket firing and Celtic dance demonstrations.

It is well worth the short metro trip over to the island so, when close to down town Montreal, don't forget to visit the Stewart Museum.

Facts For Your Visit

Official Website: Stewart Museum at the Fort

Fee: Yes

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Metro Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Line 4 - YellowStation Jean-Drapeau14 Minutes

How to get to Stewart Museum at the Fort by Metro

By Metro: Take Metro LIne 4 to Station Jean-Drapeau. Exit and follow the paved walking path that goes around the left (north) side of the pool complex until it meets the Tour de L\'Isle Road. Cross the road and continue along the path until it meets the parking lot. Cross the road to the far sidewalk and go left (north) following it up to the signed junction for the museum road. Cross over at the crosswalk and proceed up the museum road past the parking lot to the entrance.

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Quick introduction to the Stewart Museum and Fort on Ile Sainte-Helene

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