Best restaurants in Chinatown NYC

The following 10 best restaurants in Chinatown NYC were selected based on providing good overall value for your dining budget. All receive top recommendations and reviews from patrons and reviewers alike. You will find a variety of different cuisines to choose from, ranging from low to moderate price points. A link to each restaurant's website is provided where available. All the restaurants are close to subway stations and the nearest station(s) are indicated with each listing.

Prices: $ = $5-10 | $$ = $10-20 | $$$ = $20-30 | $$$$ = $30-40 | $$$$$ = $40+ Price ranges are per person for an average dinner entree. Tip and tax are extra. Lunch menus, where available, are usually less expensive.

Pho Bang Mott
Near Subway Stations: 4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street or J - Bowery or B,D - Grand Street  Address: 157 Mott St  Phone: (212) 966-3797  Prices: $  Cuisine: Vietnamese Category: Casual Mini Review: Great value for your dollar is what you will get at this Vietnamese restaurant. The decor is plain, but the outstanding food more than makes up for that.

Hop Lee Restaurant
Near Subway Stations: 4,5,6 - Brooklyn Bridge or J,Z - Chambers Street  Address: 16 Mott St  Phone: (212) 962-6475  Prices: $  Cuisine: Chinese Category: Casual-Relaxed  Mini Review: Hop Lee Restaurant is popular with the locals (and therefore busy) for good reason. This long term establishment has been serving authentic Cantonese cuisine made with fresh ingredients for many year and, note the price category.

Great N.Y. Noodletown
Near Subway Stations: 4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street or B, D - Grand Street  Address: 28 1/2 Bowery, New York  Phone: (212) 349-0923  Prices: $  Cuisine: Chinese Category: Casual  Mini Review: Great atmosphere and decor - not, but tasty Chinese food at very low prices - you bet; that pretty much sums up this inexpensive place to grab a bite, even late at night. Roast duck, BBQ pork are staples, but there is much more to choose from.

Pongsri Thai Restaurant
Near Subway Stations: Subway Stations: 4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street or B, D - Grand Street  Address: 106 Bayard St  Phone: (212) 349-3132  Prices: $$  Cuisine: Thai Category: Casual Mini Review: Authentic, hot and spicy Thai cuisine from one of New York's oldest Thai restaurant chains. Low key exterior and decor. Open for lunch and dinner.

Oriental Garden
Near Subway Stations: A,C,E,4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street  Address: 14 Elizabeth St Phone: (212) 619-0085  Prices: $$ - $$$  Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Seafood Category: Casual - Elegant  Mini Review: Decor and cleanliness a few notches above typical the Chinese restaurant in this area. Some say it has the best seafood in the area and indeed, that is what it is best known for, however the dim sum is also well liked by most.

Excellent Dumpling House
Near Subway Stations: A,C,E,4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street  Address: 111 Lafayette St  Phone: (212) 219-0212  Prices: $  Cuisine: Chinese Category: Casual  Mini Review: Super dumplings and many other tasty Chinese dishes at bargain prices. The decor is uninspiring, but you're there for the food, not the atmosphere. They get pretty crowded at lunchtime, but that is to be expected due to the excellent value.

Big Wong
Near Subway Stations: 4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street or B, D - Grand Street  Address: 67 Mott St  Phone: (212) 964-0540  Prices: $  Cuisine: Chinese  Category: Casual  Mini Review: Two different menu's are offered at Big Wong; one with authentic Cantonese and another with "American style" Chinese dishes. For the best we suggest the authentic. Superb BBQ meats and congee draw big crowds at lunch. Very easy on the wallet.

New Malaysia Restaurant
Near Subway Stations: 4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street or B, D - Grand Street  Address: 48 Bowery  Phone: (212) 964-0284  Prices: $$  Cuisine: Malaysian Category: Casual  Mini Review: Tucked away down an alley mid block on Bowery, this superb Malaysian restaurant is easy to miss making it a real hidden gem. The Thai and Indian influence typical of Malaysian food makes for some truly unique and delicious fare.

Paris Sandwich
Near Subway Stations: A,C,E,4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street or B, D - Grand Street  Address: 113 Mott St  Phone: (212) 226-7221  Prices: $  Cuisine: Vietnamese Subs Category: Casual  Mini Review: A well lit and clean interior invites you into Paris Sandwich where you can choose from a selection of Vietnamese sub sandwiches. The bread is great and the fillings ore tasty. Very reasonable price for at quick bite.

Near Subway Stations: A,C,E,4,6,J,N,R,Q,Z - Canal Street  Address: 93 Baxter St  Phone: (212) 349-6779  Prices: $$  Cuisine: Italian Category: Casual  Mini Review: Yes; a good Italian restaurant in Chinatown. Not surprising with Chinatown's push into Little Italy. Forlini's has bee serving fabulous Italian dishes here for nearly 70 years. Some consider it to have the best Italian food in New York City. Atmosphere is nice with decor reflecting the era from when it began and the service is attentive.

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