Best restaurants in the Flatiron district NYC

The following 10 best restaurants in the Flatiron district of NYC are carefully chosen for your dining pleasure. All receive top recommendations and reviews from patrons and reviewers alike. You will find a variety of different cuisines to choose from, ranging from low to moderate price points. A link to each restaurant's website is provided where available. All the restaurants are close to subway stations and the nearest station(s) are indicated with each listing.

Prices: $ = $5-10 | $$ = $10-20 | $$$ = $20-30 | $$$$ = $30-40 | $$$$$ = $40+ Price ranges are per person for an average dinner entree. Tip and tax are extra. Lunch menus, where available, are usually less expensive.

Shake Shack
Near Subway Stations: 4,6,6X,N,R - 23rd Street (Closest to the 4 and 6 Line)  Address: E 23rd St & Madison Ave  Phone: (212) 889-6600  Prices: $  Cuisine: Burgers, Fries and Shakes  Category: Food Stand Mini Review: Very tempting burger place that started out as a hotdog cart. Their delicious burgers attract long lines of locals and tourists, but the wait is worth it and the lines do move along quickly. Located in Madison Square Park they have outdoor tables and outdoor patio heaters for the colder months. Shakes are good too.

Madras Mahal
Near Subway Stations: 1,2,4,6,N,R - 28th Street (Closest to the 4 and 6 Line)  Address: 104 Lexington Ave  Phone: (212) 684-4010 Prices: $  Cuisine: Indian, Vegetarian, Kosher Category: Casual  Mini Review: This long established Indian restaurant offers Kosher friendly vegetarian Indian cuisine that doesn't compromise on flavour. Friendly service and a simple relaxed decor combined with low prices make this a very good choice.

Defonte's of Brooklyn
Near Subway Stations: 4,6,N,R - 23rd Street  Address: 261 3rd Avenue  Phone: (212) 614-1500  Prices: $  Cuisine: Sandwiches and Subs Category: Casual / Takeout  Mini Review: A variety of tasty hot or cold sandwiches on freshly baked bread make this a good place for a quick bite on a budget. Only a handful of tables, so a good option for takeout.

Near Subway Stations: 4,6,N,R - 23rd Street  Address: 27 E 20th St  Phone: (212) 228-7681  Prices: $$  Cuisine: Thai Category: Casual  Mini Review: A sound choice for Thai cuisine. Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere is combined with good service and affordable prices.

Calexico Carne Asada
Near Subway Stations: F,M,N,R,4,6 - 23rd Street  Address: 24th St and Broadway  Phone: (718) 755-7477  Prices: $  Cuisine: Mexican, Tacos, Burritos Category: Takeout  Mini Review: Ok, it's a cart, not a restaurant, but it offers very tasty fast treats at prices that are very easy on the pocketbook.

Catch de Fish
Near Subway Stations: 4,5,6,N,Q,R - 14th Street or L - 3rd Avenue  Address: 147 3rd Ave  Phone: (212) 477-7799  Prices: $$  Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi Category: Casual  Mini Review: A hidden gem, this small, pleasant and cozy restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood dishes. All are nicely prepared and presented and the service is warm and attentive.

Sagaponack Restaurant
Near Subway Stations: 4,5,N,R,F,M - 23rd Street  Address: 4 W 22nd St  Phone: (212) 229-2226  Prices: $$$  Cuisine: Seafood / American  Category: Casual - Elegant  Mini Review: Classy decor, relaxed atmosphere and helpful friendly service make Sagaponack a good choice for that special meal. Wide selection of cuisine, but the focus is on seafood.

Near Subway Stations: 1,2,4,6,N,R - 28th Street (Closest to the 4 and 6 Line)  Address: 378 Park Avenue South  Phone:(212) 689-1090  Prices: $$$  Cuisine: American Category: Upscale - Elegant  Mini Review: With it's sleek and classy decor and top notch food and service, Hillstone is a great place to go for a special occasion.

A Voce Madison
Near Subway Stations: 4,5,N,R,F,M - 23rd Street  Address: 41 Madison Ave  Phone:(212) 545-8555  Prices: $$$$  Cuisine: Italian Category: Upscale Elegant Mini Review: Classy, Rustic atmosphere along with outstanding Italian fare and service make A Voce Madison an ideal choice for upscale dining.

Sahara's Turkish Cuisine
Near Subway Stations: 4,6,N,R - 28th Street  Address: 513 2nd Ave  Phone: (212) 532-7589  Prices: $$  Cuisine: Turkish Category: Casual  Mini Review: Some really good Turkish cuisine combined with a pleasant atmosphere and good service all at a reasonable price.

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