Best restaurants in Harlem NYC

The following 10 best restaurants in the Harlem area are carefully chosen for your New York dining pleasure. All receive top recommendations and reviews from patrons and reviewers alike. You will find a variety of different cuisines to choose from, ranging from low to moderate price points. A link to each restaurant's website is provided where available. All the restaurants are close to subway stations and the nearest station(s) are indicated with each listing.

Prices: $ = $5-10 | $$ = $10-20 | $$$ = $20-30 | $$$$ = $30-40 | $$$$$ = $40+ Price ranges are per person for an average dinner entree. Tip and tax are extra. Lunch menus, where available, are usually less expensive.

La Nuestra
Near Subway Stations: 4,5,6 - 110th Street  Address: 2146 2nd Ave  Phone: (212) 360-7453  Prices: $  Cuisine: Pizza Pasta Category: Casual Mini Review: Formerly called Rays, La Nuestra restaurant offers some of the best pizza in New York without draining your wallet.

Milk Burger
Near Subway Stations: 4,5,6 - 103rd Street  Address: 2056 Second Ave  Phone: (212) 360-1988  Prices: $  Cuisine: Burgers, Chicken, Fries, Salads Category: Casual  Mini Review: Awesome burgers, fries and salads. Burgers are unique, and tasty and the salads are fresh and crisp. Great value for dining on a budget.

Sister's Cuisine
Near Subway Stations: 2,3,4,5,6 - 125th Street  Address: 1931 Madison Ave  Phone: (212) 410-3000  Prices: $$  Cuisine: Caribbean Category: Casual  Mini Review: A small family run affair with home cooked authentic Caribbean fare. Highly recommended by locals.

5 and Diamond Restaurant
Near Subway Stations: 1,A,B,C Cathedral Parkway or 2,3 116th Street  Address: 2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd at 112th Street Phone: (212) (646) 684-4662  Prices: $$ - $$$  Cuisine: Americant Category: Casual - Elegant  Mini Review:Tasty dishes in an upbeat, lively atmosphere with above average service.

Ricardo Steak House
Near Subway Stations: 4,5,6 - 110th Street  Address: 2145 2nd Ave  Phone: (212) 289-5895  Prices: $  Cuisine: Steaks and Seafood Category: Relaxed / Elegant  Mini Review: Superb steaks, seafood, salads and appetizers that will definitely please the palate. Great service, decor and upbeat atmosphere as well.

Uptown Juice Bar
Near Subway Stations: A,B,C,2,3 - 125th Street (Closest to the 2 and 3 line station)  Address: 54 W 125th St  Phone: (212) 987-2660  Prices: $  Cuisine: Vegetarian, Caribbean, Southern Category: Casual  Mini Review: Even non vegetarians love the food at the Uptown Juice Bar and the price is right too. Open until 10pm daily.

Near Subway Stations: 1,B,D - 145th Street or A,C - 155th Street  Address: 3628 Broadway  Phone: (212) 926-0399  Prices: $$  Cuisine: Warm, attentive service, good food, pleasant decor and atmosphere sum up this well rounded restaurant.

Jacob Restaurant Soul Food and Salad Bar
Near Subway Stations: 1,2,3,F,M - 14th Street  Address: 373 Lenox Ave  Phone: (212) 866-3663  Prices: $  Cuisine: Southern, Soul Category: Casual - Buffet  Mini Review: The name describes what you will find here; a buffet with a good selection of authentic Southern and Soul food. The food is tasty, the staff are friendly and you satisfy your appetite for 5 bucks or stuff yourself for 10.

La Cocinita Latina
Near Subway Stations: 1,A,B,C,D - 145th Street (Very close to the A,B,C,D Line Station)  Address: 398 W. 145th St  Phone: (212) 926-2200  Prices: $  Cuisine: Latin American, Breakfasts, Sandwiches Category: Casual  Mini Review: Generous portions of Latin American and Mexican cuisine; good selection of sandwiches; all day breakfast with great selection of eggs and omelettes with friendly service at at great prices .

La Maison du Macaron
Near Subway Stations: A,B,C - 135th Street or 3 - 145th Street  Address: 132 West 23rd Street  Phone: (212) 234-0601  Prices: $$ - $$$  Cuisine: Southern/Soul Category: Upscale - Elegant - Romantic  Mini Review: Upscale dining with attentive service and well prepared southern fare plus live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. Open for dinner only except Sunday for a Brunch Buffet from 11am - 5pm.

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