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Know what weather to expect and the best time of year to visit New York City

New York City lies right at the transition between a humid subtropical and humid continental climate. Winters are cool and damp with occasional outbreaks of cold air and snow, but the coastal location helps keep the winter temperatures milder than inland cities. Temperatures moderate quickly as spring approaches and are generally quite hot and humid throughout the summer months. New York does enjoy a high number of days with sunshine and plenty of sunshine hours in a year.

New York City Climate by Month

MonthAvg LowAvg HighAvg Days with RainAvg Days with Snow

Average Annual Precipitation: 50 Inches

Average Annual Days with Precipitation: 169

Average Annual Hours of Sunshine: 2534

Best Months to visit New York City: April, May, September and October

Precipitation in New York City is spread out quite evenly throughout the year, so no month has a significant advantage over another that way. Sunshine is also quite prevelant throughout the year, but the summer months have a slight edge there, but they can also be very hot and humid. The nighttime lows are quite warm in the summer as well as the urban environment stores a lot of daytime heat and releases it at night. For this reason it is important to choose a hotel with airconditioning for your stay.

New York doesn't normally get a lot of snow in the winter, but this can vary from year to year and there are exceptions where a heavy dump of snow can affect transportation and cause flights to be delayed or cancelled.

During the summer months it is not uncommon to have the odd heatwave where temperatures push their way towards the 40°C mark.

We recommend spring or autumn as the best times to visit New York City, as they are generally pleasantly mild and not as humid as the summer months and of course they are also not as busy when it comes to visiting tourist attractions.

We hope you find the above helpful for planning your trip to New York City.

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