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Know what weather to expect and the best time of year to visit Paris

Paris enjoys a very moderate climate with cool winters progressing into warm summers. Rainfall is rarely heavy with the spring and summer months having a couple less days with rain than the rest of the year, however there is a caveat to that which we explain farther down. Cloudy days without rain are also quite common. It only snows on a handful of days during the winter months and the snowfalls are rarely deep, making Paris a pretty good travel destination any time of the year.

Paris Climate by Month

MonthAvg LowAvg HighAvg Days with RainAvg Days with Snow

Average Annual Precipitation: 25 Inches

Average Annual Days with Precipitation: 120

Average Annual Hours of Sunshine: 1661

Best Months to Visit Paris: May, June, July, August, September

Yes it does rain in Paris, but not as much as you might think. The precipitation is spread out fairly evenly through the year, but while there are fewer days with rain during the spring and summer the actual rainfall amount is higher due to heavier showers and thundershowers. During the occasional artic outbreak the low temperatures will drop below freezing, but are rarely go below -10°C. Hot spells in the summer can occur sending the temperature soaring into the mid and on occasion even the upper 30°C range.

Because there are less days with rain, warm temperatures and lower humidity we suggest that May through September are the best months to visit Paris, however April and October are good as well. The rest of the year certainly isn't that bad either; you must be prepared for the possibility of a little snow and some freezing temperatures during the winter, but may not experience any during your visit.

We hope you find the above information helpful when planning your trip to Paris.

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