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Know what weather to expect and the best time of year to visit Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro enjoys tropical climate where is very warm all year round. While the temperatures near the water are pleasant, it can quickly get hotter when you move inland away from the ocean. Most of the tourist areas are along the coast though and therefore enjoy the moderating effect of the ocean breeze.

Rio de Janeiro Climate by Month

MonthAvg LowAvg HighAvg Days with Rain

Average Annual Precipitation: 46 Inches

Average Annual Days with Precipitation: 112

Average Annual Hours of Sunshine: 2080

Best Months to Visit Rio de Janeiro: May, June, July, August, September

The most pleasant time of the year, climate wise, is from May through September when there is less rainfall and the average temperatures are pleasantly warm, but not as hot as the summer months are. During the balance of the year there are more frequent showers and rainy periods combined with hotter temperatures and higher levels of humidity. Of course, if you are looking for a break from a northern hemisphere winter, you might just appreciate some of that hot weather, especially when you can enjoy it on the beach.

All in all Rio gets plenty of sunshine through the year, but as indicated above, it does have a rainy season and the rains can be quite heavy at times. Extreme weather is not common, but storms do occur and the temperatures can get up into the 40°C. area during any month of the year, especially if you are a little ways inland from the water. Usually you will want to be dressed for warm weather, but you should also pack a lightweight waterproof rain jacket and perhaps carry an umbrella on days when rain is in the forecast.

You can check the current weather conditions and see an up to date weather forecast for Rio de Janerio on our home page and farther down on this page at any time.

We hope you find the above information helpful when planning your trip to Rio de Janeiro.

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