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Know what weather to expect and the best time of year to visit Toronto

The City of Toronto has four distinct seasons with a fairly wide range in temperatures from winter through summer. Occassional extremes both in temperature and weather can occur, so it is a good idea to keep yourself up to date with the latest forecast which you can see a the bottom of this page. To help you plan what to pack in the way of clothing for you trip to Toronto, take a look at the Toronto climate chart below.

Toronto Climate by Month

MonthAvg LowAvg HighAvg Days with RainAvg Days with Snow

Average Annual Precipitation: 33 Inches

Average Annual Days with Precipitation: 145

Average Annual Hours of Sunshine: 2066

Best Months to Visit Toronto: May, June, September, Early October

As you can see from the above chart, Toronto is pretty much snow free from April through October. The city can be hot and humid during the summer months and the rain often comes in the form of heavy showers or thunder showers. While there are quite a few days with rain during the summer it rarely rains for the entire day. Quite often there is just a heavy shower or thunder shower and then the sun returns.

We think the best time of the year to visit Toronto is during the late spring (May and June) and early fall (September and early October). Temperatures are very pleasant, there is plenty of sunshine and you avoid the busiest summer months.

If you do visit Toronto in the summer be preprared for warm and sometimes hot and humid weather and thunder storms. During the winter you must be prepared for cold temperatures and plenty of snow. The subway is not affected by the snow and, except for the worst conditions, buses and streetcars get around well too. Toronto is a city that is used to snow and winter conditions.

There are times during the year when Toronto does experience some fairly extreme temperatures. Typically, there are some summer days that flirt with the middle to upper 30°C range. During Artic outbreaks in the winter, low temperatures can drop down to -20°C to -30°C range. These temperatures can be dangerous if you are not properly dressed, so be prepared.

We hope you find this information helpful when planning your trip to Toronto.

Latest Toronto Weather Forecast

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