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The truth is, you'll find many alternatives for finding and purchasing accommodations, flights and vacation packages. The marketplace is constantly changing and, in the last few years, many smaller travel agencies have been bought by larger companies which, you may agree, could be a threat to competition and choice. Our goal is, and always will be, to help you find the best deal and save your precious cash for the fun stuff. With some of the companies listed below, we receive a commission if you make a purchase or booking or a small fee if we send them traffic. This revenue does not affect the advice we offer or the price you pay and helps us maintain and expand this site.


Personally, we use for all of our own hotel bookings. Why? Because they offer the widest array of accommodations in a single site including apartments, resorts, villas, B&Bs and guest houses — over 2 million properties worldwide. If you run into any issues with a booking, or your stay they provide excellent customer service. They do not charge any additional fees for booking or cancellation and most bookings can be paid for at the hotel. Some hotels offer an extra good deal when you waive cancellation privileges, but this is disclosed before you book.


When searching for flights, it's sometimes best to check some of the direct websites for airlines serving your route. You will also need to keep surcharges for various things like baggage, seat selection, cancellation fees in mind when comparing prices.

For a fast search, try Google Flights. Since purchasing ITA Software, Google Flights provide a very fast flight search. It's particularly good for flights in North America.

Small Towns

  • Small Town Explorer: Do you like visiting small towns? Check out our partner site — Small Town Explorer - a guide to small towns throughout Canada and the USA.
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