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New York City Skyline at Night

New York City, affectionately called the 'Big Apple' is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Much more than a world financial centre and a maze of skyscrapers, New York City is rich with places to explore and things to do. Often referred to as 'the city that never sleeps', New York pulses with energy and yet you can still find places of solitude as well. The extensive subway system makes it quick, easy and inexpensive to tour New York City by transit. Enter our New York City site now to start planning your own sightseeing tour of New York.

Old Montreal

Montreal Perhaps the best large city in Canada for a romantic holiday, Montreal is filled with Old World charm. Exploring the cobblestone streets, shops and cafes of Old Montreal, strolling along the Promenade, hiking up Mount Royal, exploring beautiful parks, studying old architecture, visiting museums, taking in a play or concert - these are just some of the many activities this beautiful city has to offer. Winters are cold here, but beautiful too and with their own unique activities. Explore our Montreal site and see what this great city has to offer.

Toronto Skyline

Toronto, Canada's largest city, has so much to offer you. Located on the edge of Lake Ontario, Toronto not only has some great waterfront and beach areas, it is also rich with theatres, museums, parks and gardens. Boasting a vibrant downtown core with lots of great shopping, Toronto will keep you busy exploring for many days. It is also close enough for a day trip to Niagara Falls, one the world's most visited attractions. Toronto's most recognized landmark, the CN Tower, provides some outstanding views of the city. Explore our Toronto site now to learn about this great city.

Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC is considered one of the world's most livable cities, which also makes it a fabulous tourist destination. Host of Expo 86 and more recently the 2010 Winter Olympics, this world class city is most famous for its beautiful mountain and coastal setting. It really is true; you can ski, golf and swim all in the same day. Vancouver's strength lies in the natural beauty and playground provided by all of its outdoor spaces, parks, mountains and beaches. Enter our Vancouver site now to see all the great things Vancouver has to offer!

Tower Bridge London England

London is such a renowned city that it hardly needs an introduction. A blend of the very old and the very new, London will amaze you. You can spend forever, just exploring its many world class museums and art galleries, most of which are free. It is very easy to get around on the Tube which is the world's first and oldest underground transportation system. You can also get around by catamaran on the River Thames. Visit our London site now to find out more about all of the incredible things to see and do in London.

River Seine Paris France

Paris Ah Paris! One of the most visited cities on earth. If you love romantic strolls, relaxing in a beautiful garden with a bottle wine, some cheese and a freshly baked baguette, exploring the world's most famous museums and galleries, a boat ride down the River Seine, seeing incredible landmarks and architecture in person, then Paris is for you. It is also easy to get around Paris, thanks to the Metro. Let us help you enjoy sightseeing in Paris by transit - spend less and see more on your next Paris vacation.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Australia is considered one of the world's more beautiful cities. With beautiful ocean and harbour settings and incredible beaches it is a great city to explore. There are so many things to do here - explore some of Australia's best museums and historic buildings, visit the superb aquarium, zoo and wildlife parks, stroll through the Royal Botanic Garden, and so much more. Public transport in Sydney is very good and makes exploring this great city easy. See our section on Sydney and discover all of the fun activities that Sydney has in store for you.

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Packaged and guided tours can also be a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy your vacation and we feature many of them on our site. However, by using public transit to get around during your vacation, you can save up to 75%, and sometimes more, compared to private tours which often charge a large premium to package a few attractions together with transportation. You can use the money you save to see more attractions and to book some travel adventures that you can't easily get to or do by public transit. Whether you decide to use guided tours, public transit or a combination of both, our unique travel guide is packed with information, pictures and videos about tourist attractions, parks, landmarks, museums, galleries, historic neighbourhoods, interesting architecture, shopping, dining, hotels, and more. Each attraction we feature includes a map plus clear transit and walking directions. If you are using a smart phone, a single click will provide you with real-time transit directions and times from your current location.

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