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You'll have a fantastic time when you visit Montreal and with the help of our Montreal Trip Planner you can save your precious cash by touring the city's beautiful parks, gardens, museums, historic sites, landmarks and other attractions using public transit. You're also just a click away from information on walking tours, day trips, dining and hotels — everything you need to complete your travel plans.

Although fully guided tours are a great option for exploring the city, using public transit will give you more flexibility and save you money. Every tourist attraction in our Montreal Trip Planner includes an informative overview complete with reviews, photos, video, and a map and directions for planning your route on public transit. You'll even find step by step walking directions from the nearest metro station(s).

If you prefer the extra convenience of guided tours, you'll find a great selection at low prices. Either way you're covered.

The following Montreal tourist attractions are divided into categories to help you find the ones that interest you the most.


Rue Saint Paul in Old MontrealOld Montreal: Montreal's oldest district should be at the top of every visitor's list of things to see and do in Montreal. Full of Old World charm and history you can ..... read more

View from belvedere Kondiaronk in Parc du Mont-RoyalMount Royal: The city of Montreal actually derives its name from Mount Royal, the large hill that overlooks Montreal Island and the Saint Lawrence River. Spread out over the hill is Parc du Mont-Royal, the most famous of ..... read more

Parc Jean-DrapeauParc Jean-Drapeau: Located on two islands in the Saint Lawrence River that were the site of the 1967 World's Fair, Parc Jean-Drapeau is home to large areas of greenspace, pathways, beaches, recreational facilities and many popular tourist attractions ..... read more

View from Montreal TowerOlympic Park and Stadium: Olympic Park in Montreal is part of a larger greenspace that includes the Montreal Botanical Garden and Maisonneuve Park. The focal point of the park is the Olympic Stadium and the attached Montreal Tower, a unique ..... read more

Montreal BiodomeBiodome: The Montreal Biodome is a space where visitors can explore a total of four different eco-systems found in North and South America in a comfortable indoor setting. It offers visitors ..... read more

Montreal Science CentreMontreal Science Centre: Since opening in the year 2000, the Montreal Science Centre has proven itself to be an excellent option to put on your itinerary, especially if you have young children. Unlike most ..... read more

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