City Trip Planners

Everything You Need to Plan Your City Vacation

Information, Photos and Videos about Activities and Attractions

Plan your entire itinerary here. Know what there is to see and do before you go. Don't miss out on a single thing.

Your Complete Guide to Getting Around

Learn about the transit system before you go and you'll save time and money getting around. Don't get lost.

The Best Hotels near
Public Transit

Find a clean, comfortable hotel just steps from public transit. Save time and money exploring the city and easily return to the comfort of your hotel room at the end of your day.

Latest Attraction Reviews

Read the most recent reviews from others who've gone before you. Don't waste time visiting attractions that may not live up to your expectations.

Instant Directions
in One Click

When you're ready to visit an attraction, get your complete route, total travel time, and the departure time for each bus, train or ferry with one click. Get around worry free.

Self Guided Walking Tours

Explore neighbourhoods at your own pace with information, highlights and step-by-step directions at your fingertips.

Much more including Shopping, Dining, Day Trips and Guided Tours

Click on any of our cities and start planning your city vacation today.

  • City sightseeing without the high cost of packaged tours
  • The only travel site with instant up-to-the-minute route and transit times for every attraction
  • One source for everything you'll need to plan and enjoy your next city break
  • Get great deals on hotels and fully guided tours
  • Mobile Friendly — Take us with you when you travel

Every year TourbyTransit helps thousands of travellers enjoy city sightseeing without the high cost of packaged tours. You'll find everything you need to plan your city vacation and get around with confidence on public transit.

Instantly find your complete route with up-to the minute transit times to any attraction on our site.

Whether you decide to use guided tours, public transportation or a combination of both, our city travel guides are packed with great information, reviews, pictures and videos — everything you need to plan your next city break.

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