TourbyTransit - Frequently Asked Questions

Does TourbyTransit arrange tours and vacation packages?

TourbyTransit provides information and inspiration to help you plan a city vacation using public transit and walking. This includes detailed itineraries for self-guided walking tours and day trips. We also partner with Viator to offer an extensive selection of guided tours, trips and attraction passes, but we don't arrange or provide tours directly.

Does TourbyTransit offer personalized travel advice?

We endeavour to answer questions sent to us relevant to public transportation or travel in the cities we cover, but we do not offer personalized travel advice or itineraries.

Can I book a hotel through TourbyTransit?

TourbyTransit does not handle hotel bookings directly. We provide links to for our recommended hotels in each city. We receive a fee or, in some cases, a commission for referring visitors to booking sites which helps cover the cost of operating our website, but does not affect the price of your booking. We appreciate your support.

Why do you provide both verified and instant directions to attractions?

Instant directions are an awesome feature providing detailed up to the minute directions and times from your current location to almost every attraction on our site, but automated directions do have limitations. They work well in most, but not all situations. Walking portions may not always be practical due to lack of a safe walking route. Sometimes, automated directions make use of excessive connections and transfers which may be confusing or add to the cost of your trip. For those reasons, we suggest you use them to supplement our verified directions.

What are verified directions?

Verified directions tell you which transit lines (train, metro, or ferry) you can use and which stations on those lines are closest to each attraction. From there we provide detailed walking or bus and walking directions as needed. These directions are not automated and are carefully checked for suitability. There may still be times when you have to deviate due to temporary construction projects, transit closures, and other unforeseen circumstances. To help avoid surprises we have a page listing real time transit alerts in every city that provides them.

How is TourbyTransit different from other travel websites?

Over 80% of city visitors rely on public transit and walking as their main method for exploring a city. This option is more economical than taxis or car rentals, and often quicker in light of the traffic congestion found in big cities. However, it is often challenging in an unfamiliar city, even more so for those who don't have much experience using public transit in their daily lives.

Unlike other travel websites, we have a strong component about using public transit and how you can use it to save money sightseeing and exploring in the cities we cover. All attractions we feature are easy to get to on public transportation. We provide verified directions and our instant directions tool to help you get around during your vacation.

We avoid annoying pop-up and pop-under ads and surveys and keep advertising as unobtrusive as possible while balancing the need to generate revenue to maintain and grow our site.

Why don't you cover more cities?

We focus on quality over quantity. We are continuing to work on expanding our site and will add more cities as time permits, but we also have to spend considerable time keeping our site accurate and up to date for the cities we cover.

How do I contact you?

You'll find our contact information by clicking on the contact link located in our footer.

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