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Berlin Trip Planner

You'll have a fantastic time visiting Berlin. It is a vibrant, exciting city with an endless amount of activities and things to see and do. It is rich in history and has enough museums to keep you occupied for years. It's also a very affordable city.

With the help of our Berlin Trip Planner you can save your precious cash by touring the city's beautiful parks, gardens, museums, historic sites, landmarks and other attractions using public transportation. You're also just a click away from information on walking tours, day trips, dining and hotels — everything you need to complete your travel plans.

Although fully guided tours are a great option for exploring the city, using public transport offers more flexibility and saves you money. Every tourist attraction in our Berlin Trip Planner includes an informative overview complete with reviews, photos, video, a map and instant direction finder for planning your route using Berlin's excellent and affordable public transportation.

If you prefer the extra convenience of guided tours, you'll find a great selection at low prices. Either way you're covered.

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