Blankenfelde Botanical Park

Crocus field at Blankenfelde Botanical Park in Berlin
Crocus field at Blankenfelde Botanical Park in Berlin cc licensed photo by Vicuna R

Botanischer Volkspark (Blankenfelde Botanical Park) in the Pankow district of northern Berlin is a beautiful 84-acre public park containing 6000 species of plants. Many species in the park are on the endangered list.

Blankenfelde Botanical Park is off-the-beaten-path, therefore, taking a bit more effort to get to. A trip on the U-Bahn and a couple of connecting buses or tram ride will do the trick. On the plus side, because it’s a little out of the way, it’s not overrun with tourists.

There are plenty of walking paths for exploring the park which is more informal than some botanical gardens, but very well maintained.

You can see fallow deer and sheep inside the park. Bird watchers will enjoy the diversity of birds there.

Bird-watching tours and tours of the park greenhouse are available.

During your visit, you can relax and enjoy a beverage or yummy cake in Café Mint located in one of the greenhouses.


Blankenfelde Botanical Park began over a century ago in 1909 as a school garden.

During both world wars it was utilized to produce fruits and vegetables.

In 1912 a “Geology Wall” was set up to teach visitors about the upper layers of rock encountered in Central Europe.

Humboldt University in Berlin has conducted research on the site since 1977.

The “Geology Wall” was erected in 1912 to help visitors learn about the uppermost rock layers in Central Europe.

Address: Blankenfelder Ch 5, 13159 Berlin, Germany

Official Website: Botanischer Volkspark


Rated 4.6 out of 5Botanical Volkspark Pankow Blankenfelde Star Rating

5 Star Rating It is not an ideal season to walk. But sure some flowers and plants look exotic to me. Glasshouse doesn't open. (There are some announcements in front of it, maybe someone has captured them) I enjoyed feeding deers. There is a wildfutter vending machine near a gate close to the road. It costs 1€ (accept only 0.5 and 1 coins) There are some yaks nearby the dry grass rolls area P.S. Don't mess with wisps or bees. I almost got sting by recoding it try to give a caterpillar an air tour 😀

CURLx _ - 7 months ago

5 Star Rating Beautiful especially in the autumn time. This park ideal for a solitary, contemplative walk as well as a romantic stroll. Also highly recommended for families looking to pass 2-4 hours in a non-urban activity

Adar - 1 year ago

5 Star Rating Beautiful park and vast area to take a walk. They even have deers and sheep inside. How cool is that! Perfect for evening stroll with family, perfect spot for bird watchers (spotted many different birds here), perfect for coming here with kids and feeding the animals. They have a green house and community farming lands.. you can sign-up to help the community if you like farming.

jaghanivasan s - 3 years ago

3 Star Rating I expected this place to be something that I would call a botanical garden, however, it is more like a park with meadows and a forest. It only makes sense to go there when the weather is really nice, otherwise it is a waste of your time. First of all, it is way too far away from the vicinity of the city-centre. Secondly, finding the entrance was a real struggle, at least for me. The greenhouse is almost empty, apart from some banana palm trees, one big bird of paradise plant and few other plants. It might be a nice place for those who live nearby and can go there for a stroll or something. Or perhaps for gardening, since they have some acres dedicated to it.

Timur Dzhergeniya - 3 years ago

5 Star Rating Very big: lots of area to walk, bike or have a picknikc.

Euge A. - 7 months ago

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How to get to Botanischer Volkspark by U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Tram and Bus

Nearest U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Tram and Bus Line(s): U2, S2, S8, S85 + M1 + Bus 107
Nearest U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Tram and Bus Station(s): S+U Berlin-Pankow

From S+U Berlin-Pankow Station, transfer to Tram M50 and ride it north to Heinrich-Böll-Str. Transfer to Bus 107 at the same stop and continue north to the on DietzgenstraBe to the park entrance.

While this is the most direct route with the least amount of walking, other options are available depending on your departure point and time. Use our Click&Go Map and Route Finder below to find the quickest transit route from your current location.

From S+U Rathaus Steglitz Station on U9, take Bus X 83 - Königin-Luise-Str. or M 48 - Zehlendorf.

FromU Dahlem Dorf Station on U3, take Bus X 83 - Lichtenrade.

Click&Go Map and Route Finder with public transit, walking, driving or cycling directions. Get up-to-the-minute transit times from your location to Botanischer Volkspark.

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