Best Berlin Restaurants near Train Stations and Attractions

Dining in Berlin can be an enjoyable persuit. Every type of cuisine imaginable awaits.

We show you the best places to dine located close to the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations most frequented by travellers.

Click on any of the Berlin Train Stations below to view the best restaurants within a 5 minute walk. You will find details about each restaurant including map, address, phone number, Yelp rating and review snippets.

Tips: When dining in Berlin a 10% tip is typical, if the food and service are good.

Servers in Berlin lean more toward being efficient than extra friendly.

Restaurants in Berlin get very busy during the evening. If you a get to a restaurant by 5pm you'll have a better chance of getting seated quickly.

Quickly find the best Berlin restaurants within a 5 minute walk of the following Train Stations

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