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Vancouver Trip Planner

Welcome to our Vancouver Trip Planner where you'll find everything you need to plan your trip to this beautiful city. Discover fun things to see and do in Vancouver including tourist attractions, parks, beaches, museums, art galleries, theatres, architecture, landmarks, historic districts and more. Get ideas for self-guided day trips and walking tours along with recommendations for dining, shopping, and hotels. Everything is family friendly.

Using public transit to explore the city during your visit will save you money. Two major sightseeing companies in Vancouver offer routes limited to the city's downtown core and charge $40 for a one day adult pass. A Transllnk adult day pass is only $9.75 and will get you anywhere within the expansive metropolitan area. On TourbyTransit you'll find tips and verified directions for getting to each attraction including step by step walking directions from the nearest station(s).

Whether you have just one day or several weeks to explore Vancouver, you've come to the right place to plan your trip and discover a wealth attractions and activities including many you may not be aware of. Start planning your trip to Vancouver today.

If you prefer the added convenience of guided tours, you'll find a great selection at competitive prices.

See our Vancouver Travel Tips where you'll find all kinds of ideas to save money and make your trip go smoothly.

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