Vancouver Bike Share and Bike Rentals

Vancouver's new mobi bike share program combined with an extensive network of bike lanes and the seawall provide a great option for exploring the city.

Updated on July, 13 2017
Mobi Bike Share program in Vancouver
Mobi Bike Share program in Vancouver cc licensed photo by GoToVan

A new option for visitors to explore Vancouver is the new bike share system by Mobi. Vancouver Bike Share has over 90 stations and 900 bikes located throughout the downtown peninsula, False Creek, Kitsilano and Mount Pleasant. The longer term goal is to increase this to 150 stations and 1500 bikes.

When first launched the system did not offer any short term rental options, but that has changed and you can sign up for daily, or monthly packages at affordable rates — perfect for tourists.

While negotiating downtown Vancouver on a bike may not be for everyone, there are miles of dedicated bike lanes and bike paths to enjoy. Ideal uses for a mobi bike include a leisurely ride around the Stanley Park Seawall or around False Creek. Both options offer stunning views. Renting a bike to explore Stanley Park has been a popular activity with Vancouver visitors for decades and many private bike rental outlets are located close to the park. Some even offer guided bike tours. Now, the new bike share program provides visitors with one more choice and there are several docking stations convenient to the park entrance.

A day pass is $9.75 and gives you unlimited 30-minute rides. Unfortunately, if you go over the 30 minutes without docking the bike in between you will be charged an additional $5. This means a single leisurely ride around the Stanley Park seawall will likely cost you at least $14.75 &mash; more than some of the local bike rental companies where we've seen rates starting as low as $5 for one hour including a helmet and bike lock. The private rental companies also offer a wider range of bikes, including tandem bikes.

Whichever option you end up choosing, the introduction of mobi bikes has led to lower rental rates as private shops endeavour to remain competitive. Either way, you win.

Mobi bikes do offer the best value if you'd like to have intermittent access to a bike for an entire day or several days.

If you need to stop where there's no docking station, each mobi bike is equipped with a lock, but keep in mind you are responsible if something does happen to the bike. Each bike is also equipped with a helmet, so you don't have to worry about bringing your own. While many riders elect not to wear their helmet, BC law requires it, so you could put yourself at risk of a ticket. The greater risk is getting hurt, so we recommend wearing the provided helmet.

For more information about the mobi bike share system in Vancouver visit there official website below.

Official Website:

Video introduction to the new mobi bike share program in downtown Vancouver

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