Real-Time Vancouver Transit Advisories

Vancouver's public transit agency, Translink, publishes their realtime transit alerts on X (Twitter) and on their own website.

View Real-Time Vancouver Transit Advisories on X (Twitter) *must have and be logged into a X (Twitter) account.

View Real-Time Vancouver Transit Advisories on Translink

Unfortunately, the Twitter embeds for public transit alerts have been non-functional since the change in Twitter's ownership. We are unable to embed them on our website as they display outdated tweets to anyone not logged into a Twitter account.

Vancouver Real Time Bus Map

Find the current location of any bus in Metro Vancouver with this real time bus map. Click on any bus icon for more information.


  •    Early (More than 0.5 minutes)
  •    On Time (Within 0.5 minutes)
  •    A Bit Late (0.5 to 5 minutes)
  •    Very Late (5 to 10 minutes)
  •    Extremely Late (Over 10 minutes)

More Info for Getting Around Vancouver on Public Transportation

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