Toronto Transit Fares

Information about Toronto Transit Fares including the TTC Day Pass, TTC Family Pass and TTC Weekly Pass

Updated on October, 03 2018
TTC Automated Subway Entrance
TTC Automated Subway Entrance

Following is a chart of single cash Transit Fares in Toronto. Please note that fares are valid for a one-way continuous trip, including a transfer if required, on all three modes of transit: Subway / Rapid Transit, Transit Buses, and Streetcars. Children up to 12 years old ride for free. Student Fares apply to those aged 13-19 and Senior's fares apply to those age 65 and up. If you require a transfer you can obtain one after paying your fare and entering a subway station from an automated transfer machine, or after paying your fare on a bus or streetcar ask the operator to give you one. When paying a cash fare you must have the exact change ready as drivers do not make change. You can purchase tokens, tickets or day passes from all subway stations or any TTC ticket agent. Many convenience stores throughout Toronto offer this service — just look for the TTC Ticket Agent sign.


Toronto is in the process of rolling out a new electronic fare card program called PRESTOThe PRESTO card offers the same discount for single trips as purchasing multiple tokens or a book of tickets. It also offers the added convenience of not needing to carry cash, simply tap your card on the card reader, as you board the vehicle or at the entrance to a subway station..

You can find a Presto card readers at the entrances to most subway stations and they should all be equipped with readers before the end of 2018.

Another benefit of using the Presto card is you can also us it to pay for travel on the outlying bus systems and on GO Transit.

TTC Day Pass: The best deal for most visitors

The best value for most tourists on the Toronto Transit System including the Subway, Streetcars and Buses is the TTC day pass which is valid on all of the above services. A TTC day pass is priced at $12.50 and it gives you total freedom to travel the system in any direction all day long with as many stops as you wish. The only exception is on the Downtown Express Routes add fares are still required as per the chart below.

Visitors with an Android or IOS smartphone have the option to purchase a TTC day pass online by installing a TTCconnect app. You can then show the fare payment on your screen as proof of payment when travelling on the system.

TTC Family Pass: Outstanding value on weekends

On weekends and statutory holidays the normal TTC day pass becomes a TTC Family Pass — entitling your entire family (One Adult with up to five youth age 19 or under, or Two Adults with up to four youth age 19 and under) to travel in any direction all day long.

TTC Weekly Pass: A good option for extended visits

Weekly passes are valid from Monday thru Sunday. Costing $43.75, they are a good option if you are in Toronto for a corresponding period of time.

TTC FaresAdultStudents (13-19) and Seniors (65+)Children 12 or under
Cash - Single Fare valid for a single one-way continuous trip $3.25 $2.10 Free
Presto Card or Tokens - Single Fare valid for a single one-way continuous trip $3.00 $2.05 Free
TTC Day Pass ***Valid for Families of up to 6 people on Weekends and Holidays $12.50 $12.50 Free
TTC Weekly Pass (Monday thru Sunday) 43.75 34.75 Free
Add fare for Downtown Express Routes #141 thru #145 (added to above fares) $3.25 $2.05 Free

For further information on Toronto transit fares you can also visit the official website above.

Official Website:

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