Toronto Transit Fares

Information about Toronto Transit Fares including PRESTO and the TTC Day Pass

Updated on Updated on May 29, 2023
TTC Automated Subway Entrance
TTC Automated Subway Entrance

TTC fares can be purchased in the form of a reloadable PRESTO Card or PRESTO Ticket from a Fare Vending Machine at the entrance to any subway station or at most Shoppers Drug Mart locations. PRESTO Tickets are available for a single ride, two rides or a day pass. If you are boarding a bus or streetcar and you do not have a valid PRESTO Card or Ticket, you can pay with the exact cash only, but you will not be entitled to the 2-hour transfer period. Drivers do not sell fares or carry change.


TTC in Toronto uses an electronic fare card called PRESTO The PRESTO card offers a small discount over cash fares or single and two ride PRESTO Tickets. It also offers the added convenience of not needing to carry cash, simply tap your card on the card reader, as you board a bus or subway or enter a subway station.

PRESTO card readers are located at the entrances to most subway stations.

An added benefit of the Presto card is you can use it to pay for travel on the outlying bus systems and on GO Transit.

You can download and install the Presto app on your smartphone, allowing you to conveniently add funds to your Presto card and keep track of its balance. It's important to note that you still require a physical Presto card to tap when boarding the transit system. Currently, tapping your phone directly on TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) services is not supported, although it is possible on the Go Train and certain outlying transit services.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment using a credit card on TTC services is in the process of being implemented, but it is not anticipated to be available until later in the summer of 2023.

The best value for most tourists on the Toronto Transit System including the Subway, Streetcars and Buses is the TTC day pass which is valid on all of the above services. A TTC day pass is sold as a PRESTO Ticket and priced at $13.50. It gives you total freedom to travel the entire TTC system in any direction all day long with as many stops as you wish.

Visitors with an Android or IOS smartphone have the option to purchase a TTC day pass online by installing a TTCconnect app. You can then show the fare payment on your screen as proof of payment when travelling on the system.

Following is a chart of Transit Fares in Toronto. Please note that fares are valid for a one-way continuous trip, including a transfer if required, on all three modes of transit: Subway / Rapid Transit, Transit Buses, and Streetcars. Children up to 12 years old ride for free. Student Fares apply to those aged 13-19 and Senior's fares apply to those age 65 and up. If you require a transfer you can obtain one after paying your fare and entering a subway station from an automated transfer machine, or after paying your fare on a bus or streetcar ask the operator to give you one.

TTC Fares - Effective April 3, 2023AdultYouth (13-19)Seniors (65+)Children 12 or under
PRESTO CARD - Single Fare with two-hour transfer window $3.35 $2.35 $2.25 Free
PRESTO Ticket - Single Fare with two-hour transfer window $3.35 $3.35 $3.35 Free
PRESTO Ticket - Day Pass - *Best option if making more than 4 one-way trips in a day $13.50 $13.50 $13.50 Free

For further information on Toronto transit fares you can also visit the official website above.

Official Website:

More Info for Getting Around Toronto on Public Transportation

A quick video guide showing how to purchase a PRESTO Ticket from a PRESTO Vending Machine

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