High Park Toronto

High Park is Toronto's largest park and offers lots of things to see and do

Landscaped Gardens in High Park
Landscaped Gardens in High Park

At 398 acres High Park is the largest park within Toronto. It features a large area of natural parkland including a large pond, beautifully landscaped gardens, an outdoor pool (seasonal), a children's adventure playground, sports and cultural facilities and even a zoo.

There are multiple paved and unpaved trails throughout the park. The unpaved trails are restricted to walkers and hikers, while the paved trails are shared with cyclists.

The parks geography is hilly with a couple of ravines running from north to south through the park.

Grenadier Pond, at the western boundary of the park is home to numerous species of birds as well as marsh wildlife. There is a beautiful landscaped garden along the hillside east of the pond. Grenadier Cafe located in the centre of the park will take care of the munchies while you explore the park.

Located west of Downtown Toronto, High Park is easily accessed from High Park Station on the Bloor-Danforth Subway Line. For more information see the Official Website: High Park Toronto.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Hours: Mon-Sun 24/7

Address: Toronto, On

Website: High Park Toronto


TTC Subway Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Bloor DanforthHigh Park Station2 Minutes

How to get to High Park Toronto by TTC Subway

No Bus needed. From High Park Station walk south on High Park Avenue ½ block to the park entrance then continue south into the park.

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Rated 4.6 out of 5

5 Star Rating A great place to escape the city, but still within the city limits. There's a great, spacious off-leash dog area (that even non-dog owners tend to enjoy!), pool and other water facilities, a great path system for walking, running, or biking. And, another personal favourite: the drama theatre in the middle of the park that presents a multitude of shows, but Shakespeare in particular. A comforting place for regulars, and a picturesque place for visitors.

Trenton MacDuff - 10 days ago

4 Star Rating Great park for all types of groups/families big or small. We went to hike in the woods and with careful navigation managed to stay in the woods away from main paths, roads, and large groups of people for good stretches of time, considering being the city. Many little nooks and parks and places to hang out and enjoy the day. Great spot for picnics and families. Worth a good day visit.

Nigel Hutchinson - 1 month ago

4 Star Rating This park is huge and it honestly shocked me, because I had no idea there was a park this big in the city! Went there on a Saturday afternoon and it was lovely. Lots of seating or you can just bring a blanket and sit on the grass. It's convenient because they have food available in the park so you don't have to walk to the main roads to eat. Mind you, it's not the best food but it'll subside your hunger. The zoo is a bit sad...the animals looks dehydrated and miserable. They should consider perhaps closing that down. Aside from that, it's a beautiful park in the city!

Melysa Williams - 1 month ago

2 Star Rating High Park Zoo I have been to other parts of the park but just recently visited the 'zoo'. The pens are not kept very well. All of the poor animals are in muddy little enclosures. I know it has been raining but the pens could really have a better design. Since it is so small you would think that more attention and resources could be given to the enclosures. It could be a beautiful little area if some new ideas implemented in the pen designs. How long have they been like this?? I wouldn't really recommend this as a destination. Maybe to walk by since you are already in the area...

J M - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating Beautiful place to go in sprint summer and autumn and in winter if you love snow and the cold. Beautiful scenery and lots of trees and parks around. Be ready to walk or if you are tired there are benches kept to rest and spend sometime sitting there. There is a restaurant where you can have food drinks and hot chocolate and fries there is pretty famous although it's a bit expensive. Nice place to spend time with family and loved ones. Also a great place to click lots of pictures. Nature lovers will love this place.

Pranali Desai - 2 months ago


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