High Park Toronto

High Park is Toronto's largest park and offers lots of things to see and do

Landscaped Gardens in High Park
Landscaped Gardens in High Park

At 398 acres High Park is the largest park within Toronto. It features a large area of natural parkland including a large pond, beautifully landscaped gardens, an outdoor pool (seasonal), a children's adventure playground, sports and cultural facilities and even a zoo.

There are multiple paved and unpaved trails throughout the park. The unpaved trails are restricted to walkers and hikers, while the paved trails are shared with cyclists.

The parks geography is hilly with a couple of ravines running from north to south through the park.

Grenadier Pond, at the western boundary of the park is home to numerous species of birds as well as marsh wildlife. There is a beautiful landscaped garden along the hillside east of the pond. Grenadier Cafe located in the centre of the park will take care of the munchies while you explore the park.

Located west of Downtown Toronto, High Park is easily accessed from High Park Station on the Bloor-Danforth Subway Line. For more information see the Official Website: High Park Toronto.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Hours: Mon-Sun 24/7

Address: Toronto, On

Website: High Park Toronto


TTC Subway Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Bloor DanforthHigh Park Station2 Minutes

How to get to High Park Toronto by TTC Subway

No Bus needed. From High Park Station walk south on High Park Avenue ½ block to the park entrance then continue south into the park.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5

5 Star Rating A true gemstone in the heart of the city. It has something to offer to everyone: sports? Yes! picnic areas? yes! playgrounds, train, and free(!) zoo for kids? yes! We go all throughout the summer and enjoy this place a great deal. It's also very accessible by transit. Beware of the traffic around it though, in a nice summer day

Eyal Birenberg - 9 days ago

5 Star Rating This park is just a wonderful place. I live 2 blocks from the Park and spend many hours there. It is a combination of areas for people like a restaurant, pool, tennis courts, baseball diamonds and a large off leash area for dogs. The park is so large however that there are wild areas and places for quiet solitude.

Cheryl Boyle - 15 days ago

4 Star Rating I have been to High Park for over forty years, since I have been living in New York City for the same period of time, I have been visiting my sisters who live next to the High Park in Toronto. This is a large public park on a hill, starting from the lake level up North to a small hill. It also has its own pond with some waterfowls. It is a free park with a lot of well kept flowers under good maintenance. There is a famous area decorated with plants creating a maple leave representing the Canadian symbol, and it used to be in red. In recent years, or just starting this year, the symbol has been changed to multiple colors, which looks pretty nice too. Up the hill from this symbol area, you will find a restaurant with convenient place. You also find sitting areas all around in the park. I believe there is also a small zoo there, which I visited long time ago. And finally if you keep on going North climbing up the hill, you find a swimming pool, before you see the park entrance on Bloor street which is a convenient area to do some shopping and find other services.

Chick Lam - 25 days ago

4 Star Rating First visit to the park, attempting some of the paved pathways with a wheelchair, just walking for pleasure. The gradients make it difficult to manage alone, but it felt very safe with a steady flow of dog walkers and joggers. Black squirrels and chipmunks, some interesting flora, a sign saying do not feed the coyotes (didn't see any!). The one way slow traffic system and specific paths for dogs on and off leash made managing the wheelchair much safer. Plenty of accessible parking throughout the park.

Tom Dodd - 1 month ago


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