Montreal Metro System: Map & Guide

Your complete guide to getting around Montreal on the Metro

Updated on December, 08 2019
Berri-UQAM Metro Station is a hub for all 3 Metro Lines
Berri-UQAM Metro Station is a hub for all 3 Metro Lines cc licensed photo by Matias Garabedian

The heart of Montreal's public transport system is the Metro, a clean, modern, quiet subway that runs entirely below grade. Being the first subway system in the world to run entirely on pneumatic rubber tires, it is quieter than most other metro systems.

Lines and Stations

The Montreal Metro system operated by STM has a total of 68 stations spread out over 4 underground lines totalling about 66 kilometres in length. Metro lines are numbered 1 (Green Line), 2 (Orange Line), 4 (Yellow Line) and 5 (Blue Line). Each line is represented on the Montreal Metro Map by its corresponding color. Line 3 was planned but never built.

With top speeds up to 72km per hour and no traffic to slow it down, Montreal's Metro system will quickly get you within walking distance of most of the city's popular tourist attractions. Where it doesn't, you can easily transfer to a bus to get closer. Passes are valid on both so you won't have to pay again unless you are purchasing single trip fares.

The below Map of the Montreal Metro system shows all frequent service bus routes in a simple clear design which will make it easy for you to get anywhere in the city.

Service frequency and best times to travel

Trains are frequent on all lines with service frequency varying between 3 and 11 minutes depending on the line and the time of day. The first trains depart daily at 5:30 am and service continues until after midnight on all lines. On Line 5 the last trains depart at 12:15 am; on Lines 1 and 2 at about 12:30 am and 1 am on Saturday); on Line 4 at about 12:50 am and 1:30 am on Saturday. If you our out later that this you will have to take a night bus. Times for the first and last trains are also printed in the lower right corner of the Metro Map below.

Trains do get very busy during the morning and afternoon rush, so we recommend planning your travel during off peak hours for a more relaxed trip.


Entrances to the Montreal Metro are signed with and inverted arrow inside a circle on a light blue background. An exception is the Saint-Antoine entrance to the Square-Victoria station which is signed with a decorative Art Nouveau "METROPOLITAIN" sign exactly like the ones in Paris; a gift to Montreal from the RAPT which is the public transport authority in Paris. The metro has five intermodal stations where you can transfer to light rail commuter trains operated by AMT. These stations are identified on the metro map below by station markers with a heavy black border.

The busiest and most important station to be aware of is Berri -UQAM. It is located at the junction of 3 of the 4 Metro lines: 1 (Green Line), 2 (Orange Line), 4 (Yellow Line) making it a major transport hub. Located in the Latin Quarter, it's only 2 stations east of Downtown Montreal on Line 1 and even closer to Old Montreal.

The next stop is announced in French as your train leaves each station and onboard route maps help you keep track of your progress. If you miss your station it is easy enough to exit at the next station and cross over to the other platform to backtrack. You don't have to leave the station.

Tickets and Fares

Tickets and passes for the Metro can also be used to transfer to a bus and vice versa. If you purchase a single fare ticket you on a bus you must ask for a transfer which is vallid 90 minutes. Visit our page on fares for our more information about purchasing and using tickets on the transit system including the Metro.

Recommended Resources

Official website:

Montreal by Metro is an excellent source of interesting facts and information and about the Montreal Metro and has many good photographs of many of the different stations.

Montreal Metro Map with Frequent Service Bus Routes

Interactive Metro Map with Streets and Attractions

Open an Interactive Montreal Metro Map with Streets. Find the next departure near you with our Click&Go Map and Route Finder.

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