AMT Commuter Trains

A guide to Montreal's AMT commuter trains

Passengers boarding an AMT commuter train at Lucien l'Allier Station
Passengers boarding an AMT commuter train at Lucien l'Allier Station cc licensed photo by LHOON

The metro and bus system are usually sufficient to meet the needs of tourists visiting Montreal, however if you do wish to venture further into the suburbs there is also the light rail commuter train network operated by the Agence métropolitaine de transport (Metropolitan transport agency) or AMT.

The AMT network branches out in 5 directions from Montreal and is commonly used by daily commuters coming in from outlying suburbs. The trains join up with the Montreal Metro at 5 intermodal stations; four on the #2 Orange Line and one on the #5 Blue Line. Some of the routes are electric while others are diesel.

The AMT commuter train schedules reflect their primary use by commuters with service weighted in favour of inbound trains in the morning and outbound service in the afternoon and evening. Only the trains to Candiac and Vaudreuil-Hudson operate on weekends. All the same, if you check the schedules on the AMT site linked to above, you can plan a trip out to the suburbs and back going more or less against the rush hour. This can make for some enjoyable and inexpensive sightseeing.

Intermodal Train Stations in Montreal

  1. Vendome and Lucien-L'allier (Orange Line) - Service to Candiac, Vaudreuil-Hudson and Blainville-Saint-Jerome.
  2. Bonaventure (Orange Line) - Service to Blainville-Saint-Jerome and Mont-Saint_Hilaire.
  3. De La Concorde (Orange Line) - Service to Blainville-Saint-Jerome and Mont-Saint_Hilaire
  4. Parc (Blue Line) - Service to Blainville-Saint-Jerome

Fares on the commuter train increase with the distance travelled and are based on a system of 8 zones. You cannot use an STM Metro /Bus ticket or pass on the trains, but you can purchase an AMT ticket called a Tram ticket that is valid on both trains in Zones 1-3 and the Metro/Bus system. You can also purchase tickets on trains only.

Montreal AMT Commuter Rail Map

Photo Gallery

Video of an electric AMT train accelerating rapidly out of Montpellier Station

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