Montreal Transit Tips

Tips and advice for trouble free trips on Montreal transit while sightseeing and visiting attractions

  • Montreal can have its share of inclement weather, so check the forecast and wear or carry appropriate clothing. Metro stations are underground or sheltered and many bus stops have some shelter, however travelling on public transit always involves some walking and waiting. Trains can actually be quite warm in the winter, so you may want to take your overcoat off for longer rides, but be sure to keep a firm grip on it at all times.

  • It is important to make one last check of the area where you where sitting prior to exiting any train or bus to double check that you've left nothing behind. Transit users frequently loose or forget something important or of value when leaving a transit vehicle. Sometimes it falls from a pocket while sitting or slips out of an open bag. Many people forget an entire package. Aways take that one last look. It can really spoil or put a damper on your trip if you do loose something, especially if you don't get it back. In the event you do loose something on a bus or train try to recollect the route number, direction of travel and time of day when it was lost. For your convenience we have included information about the location and phone number of the STM lost and found. Items found on transit vehicles may take up to 48 hours to be transfered to the Lost and Found.

    The Lost and Found for both the Metro and Buses is located inside the Customer Services Center which is located near the turn-styles on the Mezzanine Level of Berri-UQAM Station.
    It is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.
    Dial: STM-INFO + 8 for English, option 4 and option 2
  • Quick Fare Tips: Keep your validated fare with you for the duration of your trip. You may be asked for it by transit staff at any time. You will also need it to transfer to another vehicle. When boarding a bus the first time, touch your ticket or pass onto the fare validator on top of the farbox. After that just hold it above the validator and check for the green signal. Follow the same proceedure at the turnstiles on the Metro. You can pay your bus fare at the time of boarding, but keep in mind that the farebox only accepts the exact coin fare.

  • Quick Train Tips: For a more pleasant trip plan to avoid riding the Metro and Buses during the busiest part of the weekday rush; usually between 8 to 9 am and 5 to 6 pm. Be careful to stand well back from the yellow line on train platforms and be aware of the gap between the platform and the train when boarding.

  • Make sure you catch your bus (or train) going in the right direction. Don't just rely on the route number. Many people get on a bus going in the opposite direction to which they want to go when travelling in cities that are not familiar to them. To be sure that doesn't happen to you, verify with the driver as soon as you board that the bus goes to your destination or transfer point. Route signs shown on buses and trains usually refer to the last stop on the route.

  • Many buses provide express service, with few or no stops along all or a portion of their route. This is wonderful for making good time, but is most inconvenient if the bus is not stopping close to your destination. If you are not sure if the bus you are boarding will stop near your desired destination ask the driver when you are getting on.

  • All bus stops have a 5 digit code on the signs. You can enter them into the STM moblie website along with the route number to get the schedule for the bus you are waiting for. You can also download an app for Android or IOS devices for obtaining bus times. You can find more information on those options here.

  • Late Night Travel: When travelling at night you should keep in mind that service is much less frequent, so you may have to wait longer . Remember that the Metro stops running a little after midnight on all lines, so make certain you are aware of when the last train will pass by your station. Fortunately Montreal has a very good all night bus network. Night buses are numbered in the 300 range.

  • Personal Safety: Montreal is as safe as any major city and problems are rare. Pickpockets and thieves do however take advantage those who don't take reasonable precautions. Whenever you are out in public you should try to avoid carrying anything valuable in your back pocket or in the outer pockets of coats or jackets. It is wise to keep your wallet and phone in either a front pant pocket, a hidden front pocket or a moneybelt. Also avoid having your wallet out in full view at any time you are riding public transit. It is also best to avoid wearing flashy or expensive jewellery in public places.

  • Take advantage of the STM Trip Planner to plan your trip.

  • Study the route maps and plan ahead. A little time spent doing this ahead of your outing can help you save a lot of time and frustration. If in doubt ask questions at the start of your trip, not later when you may have to backtrack.

More Info for Getting Around Montreal on Public Transportation

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