Montreal BIXI Bikes

BIXI Bikes are a fun and environmentally friendly way to explore Montreal

Updated on July 4, 2023
BIXI Bikes lined up in Old Montreal
BIXI Bikes lined up in Old Montreal cc licensed photo by Flowizm

Not to be out done by Paris, Montreal also has a great bike sharing program. Known as BIXI Bikes this city wide non-profit bike rental program began in 2014. It is modelled after the very popular Velib bicycle rental program in Paris. With an incredible 9000+ bicycles and 680 docking stations you will have no trouble exploring the city of Montreal by bicycle. The city is very bike friendly with over 500 kilometres of bike paths and lanes. Due to Montreal's harsher winters it is also a seasonal program; operating from April until mid November. Both regular and electric bikes are available in the program.

BIXI bikes are intended for shorter hops around the city as opposed to long excursions. With the BIXI app, you can unlock a bike for $1.25 and will then be billed 15¢ per minute or 30¢ per minute for the electric BIXI.

For more freedom and value you can subscribe to unlimited access for 30 days for $20.00 and as long as you dock your bike at another station withing 45 minutes of taking it out you will not be charged a surcharge. You must wait at least 2 minutes after docking before taking the bike out again to reset the 45 minute time limit. If you do go over the 45 minute limit on a single session, your credit card will be charged an additional 11¢ per minute or 13¢ per minute for the electric BIXI.

You can purchase access for up to 2 bikes at any BIXI bike docking station. You will receive a code to unlock a bike and off you go! Each time you want to undock a bike you must insert the same credit card you first used to receive a new code, but you will not be charged again, except for any surcharges for exceeding the 30 minute limit.

The bicycles are well engineered for urban use with lightweight, yet strong aluminum frames, front and rear internal brakes and chain guards and fenders to protect your clothing. They also have lights and are available 24/7 during the rental season.

The system works well and if you enjoy cycling it is fabulous way to explore the city, especially during nice weather. It's hard to beat the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair while sightseeing on a nice summer day. BIXI Bikes certainly provide a very green mode of transportation.

For more information on the BIXI bike sharing program in Montreal visit the official website above.

Official Website:

More Info for Getting Around Montreal on Public Transportation


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