Mile End

Explore Mile End – The Hippest Neighbourhood in Montreal

Soaking up the sunshine in front of a cafe in Mile End
Soaking up the sunshine in front of a cafe in Mile End cc licensed photo by Alain Rouiller

Each city has that part of town that is considered by locals as a hang out for 'artsy' type people. You know! The hippies, those who paint in sunlit rooms, go to yoga instead of going to gym, dress like they are 16 even though they are closer to 60, eat everything organic and are mostly vegetarian. The forward thinkers, the 'creatives' and slightly crazies (also known as geniuses), who try as best they can to live outside the norms of society! Just perhaps, this even desribes you!

Mile-End has been the home to a mix match of cultures since the 80s. This neighbourhood is home to musicians, movie makers, writers, artists, illustrators and computer game developers. It is also well known to be the neighbourhood in which the Indie music scene is big. If you have no idea what Indie means, it means Independent, so musicians who are not signed to any big record label companies.

The area has also boomed with businesses, Indie record labels, art galleries, art workshops, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries. It became the home of Ubisoft in 1997 and is still home to many different film makers such as Arcade Fire, Adam Gollner, Grimes and Sean Micheals. Drawn & Quarterly, the comic book company, was founded in Mile End in 1989.

The neighbourhood of Mile-End has a long history of different ethnic groups of people settling there over the years. First it was a Buorgeois suburb and then more and more Jewish people settled in the area, after this it was home to Greek and Portuguese immigrants, each ethnic group leaving its mark on the area.

These days the neighbourhood has gone upmarket and as a result so have the prices of property, rentals and holiday accommodation. This has pushed many of the smaller art galleries and communities to Parc-Extension.

That being said, there are plenty of art galleries and interesting restaurants to go see. It is well worth taking a day in your trip to explore the vast cultural richness that is the Mile End district.


Metro Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Line 2 - OrangeLaurier or RosemontBus: 0 Minutes | Walking: 10 Minutes

How to get to Mile End by Metro

From Laurier Station transfer to Bus #51 West (O) in front of the station exit. Take it to St-Laurent Blvd or to St-Urbain Street to begin exploring Mile End.

From Rosemont Station transfer to Bus #161 West (O) at the stop on the northeast corner of Rosemont Blvd and Saint Vallier Street and ride it to Parc Street. This places you at the northwest edge of Mile End. From here you can walk or transfer to Bus #80 going south on Parc Street to travel down the western edge of of the district. Going left (east) will send you deeper into the centre of the neighbourhood.

These bus rides are short (only about 5 or 6 minutes); you can alternately walk into Mile End from either station in just under 10 minutes. Just make your way west from either station.

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Accommodations near Mile End:

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