Rue Saint-Paul

Shop and explore along Rue St-Paul - the oldest street in Montreal

Street signage in Old Montreal
Street signage in Old Montreal cc licensed photo by Rajiv Patel (Rajiv's View)

Through the heart of Old Montreal runs the city's oldest street, Rue St-Paul. Paved with cobblestones this narrow street is one of the most interesting places to explore in the city and should be on every visitors must see list.

This historic street started out as a path that ran alongside the Fort or Commune from which the city first established its roots. The path was first paved way back in 1672. The street was named after the city's founder, Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve who had lived on the path himself in a house he built in 1650.

Today Rue St-Paul offers visitors to Montreal the chance to step far back in time and experience the charm and atmosphere of Old Europe as they stroll along the narrow cobblestone street.

Rue St-Paul is a great place to spend a day shopping at the many unique boutique shops and galleries; definitely a refreshing change from the cookie cutter franchise shops in the malls. After you are all shopped out and getting hungary you can sit down and enjoy a fabulous meal and some refreshment at one of the many cafes and restaurants tucked along this picturesque street.

Not to be missed while shopping along this old street is the beautifully restore Bonsecours Market where you will find a number of upscale boutiques and galleries with a focus an local goods and works of art.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Address: Rue Saint-Paul O, Montréal, QC, Canada


Rated 4.7 out of 5Saint-Paul Street West Star Rating

3 Star Rating Nice street with OK restaurants and bars, this area is small and not like classic cities at Europe.
Oren Rozner - 1 year ago

5 Star Rating Historic street. Lovely walk to view old buildings and new businesses
Eddie Ozols - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating Very friendly village, well organized lots of shopping and food.
Prescille Goodrich - 2 months ago

5 Star Rating Just beautiful! It’s was like mini Europe. I loved the walk through the street which led me to Notre dame church.
Sandra - 2 years ago

5 Star Rating One of my favourite streets
Caitlin Yardley - 2 months ago

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Metro Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Line 2 - OrangePlace-d'Armes or Champ-de-Mars2 + Minutes

How to get to Rue Saint-Paul by Metro

To reach and explore Rue Saint-Paul in Old Montreal take the Metro to either Place-d'Armes or Champ-de-Mars Station and make your way south until you get to Rue Saint-Paul.

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Sights and Sounds along Rue Saint-Paul on a busy summer day
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