Central Railway Station

Central Railway Station is a major architectural landmark in Sydney

Sandstone facade of Central Railway Station in Sydney
Sandstone facade of Central Railway Station in Sydney cc licensed photo by Wikipedia user Adam.J.W.C.

Sydney's Central Railway Station is a grand and stately building that rivals major train stations from around the world. It brings out memories of the early days of rail travel.

With a rich history going back to the construction of its predecessor, a single platform station with a corrugated metal shed built in 1855, Grand Central Railway Station has come a long way. The current station was built in 1906 from Pyrmont sandstone that is common in the area. The design was a collaboration between architect Walter Liberty Vernon and a railway engineer named Henry Deane. The goal was to create a station that rivalled the grandeur of some of Great Britain's Grand Stations. The design included a tall clock tower.

Today the station serves over 80,000 commuters daily. There is a total of 27 platforms; however, not all are actively used. As as a tourist using public transit, it will be hard for you to miss this stately Sydney landmark.

Visit this site for more information about the history of Central Station in Sydney.

Nearby attractions: Powerhouse Museum and Capitol Theatre.

Facts For Your Visit

Official Website: Central Railway Station

Fee: No

Address: Railway Colonnade Dr, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia


Rated 3.7 out of 5Central Star Rating

4 Star Rating Central Station is a major transportation hub that serves as the main railway station in Sydney. As a frequent traveler, I have had numerous experiences at Central Station, and overall, I would say that it is an efficient and well-organized transportation center. One of the things I appreciate about Central Station is its accessibility. It is located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible via train, bus, and light rail. The station itself is also well-organized, with clear signage and plenty of staff available to help with any questions or concerns. In terms of amenities, Central Station offers a variety of options for travelers. There are several food and beverage outlets, including cafes, fast-food chains, and sit-down restaurants. There are also numerous shops selling everything from souvenirs to books and electronics. As for the transportation options, Central Station offers a wide range of services, including regional trains, intercity trains, and long-distance trains. The station also serves as a major hub for buses, with numerous routes departing from the station's nearby bus terminal. However, one downside of Central Station is that it can get quite busy, especially during peak travel times. This can lead to long queues and crowded platforms, which can be overwhelming for some travelers. Additionally, the station is quite large, which can make it difficult to navigate for those unfamiliar with the layout.

Aayush Karki - 8 months ago

4 Star Rating Great central railway station. Historical building, selection of food on the go and a great park close by. I love the vibe of traditional rail stations - Leipzig, Munich, Budapest... And Sydney is part of this list for sure. Great to use train now on a daily basis.

Andreas Ludwig - 1 year ago

3 Star Rating Central station is getting better after a major makeover, but please keep your signs and other information up to date. Normally I would exit platform 16 to the north to catch the L2 to Randwick. But today I alighted from the train near the escalator to the grand concourse, where the signs assured me I could take exit 5 to Chalmers St to reach L2. But the exit was blocked by hoarding and I had to walk all the way round via the southern exit. Of course I just missed the L2, getting as close as to push the button to reopen the door which was positive it did not wish to cooperate. Similarly when I got on at Lindfield, Trip Planner declared the next train was departing from platform 1. But there it was, sitting on platform 2, so I made the trek over, hoping it wouldn’t depart before I negotiated the two sets of stairs. At least I was lucky there. Please think of your customers and as they say in the baked beans ads, get it right.

mdeea onetwothree - 25 days ago

2 Star Rating Central is under renovation but… this is the busiest railway station. Lots of very friendly rail staff usually? But we travelled on a Saturday recently, very busy time, no staff to assist, very very limited signage. We found ourselves walking in circles with baggage…😖🫤

Sue Johnson - 5 months ago

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Train Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Light Rail L1Central Station0 minutes
T1, T2, T3, T4, T8 or T9Central Station0 minutes

How to get to Central Railway Station by Train

By Train or Light Rail exit at Central Station.

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