Saint Mary's Cathedral

Saint Mary's Cathedral is a grand architectural achievement

Gothic Revival Architecture of St. Mary's Cathedral
Gothic Revival Architecture of St. Mary's Cathedral cc licensed photo by 4nitsirk

Saint Mary's Cathedral has evolved into a grandiose Sydney landmark over a a period of over 130 years. Situated along the east side of Hyde Park in the Central Business District it is visible from many different vantage points. It is also Australia's largest church.

Featuring Gothic Revival architecture along the lines of the smaller and older St Andrew's Cathedral, the first stone for this beautiful Sydney landmark was laid back in 1868 after a succession of Catholic Churches, some of which were destroyed by fire. The Cathedral was finally dedicated in 1882, but it was only a portion of what it is today. The nave was not completed until 1928 followed by the crypt in 1961. And last, but not least the large spires on to of the two towers were not added until the year 2000 in order to improve the aesthetics of the previously square topped towers.

While the design of St. Mary's Cathedral is original it certainly inherits many features typical of far more medival churches from Europe. Due to the size of the project and the available location the Cathedral is oriented north-south breaking the tradition of east-west orientation.

Forty pictorial stained glass windows and striking mosaic floors along with a myriad of other fine details complete this elegant and grand Cathedral.

Nearby attractions: Hyde Park, Hyde Park Barracks Museum and the Australian Museum.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Address: St Marys Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: (02) 9220 0400

Official Website: Saint Mary's Cathedral

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Train Line Nearest Station Walking Time
T2 or T3St. James Station1 minute

How to get to Saint Mary's Cathedral by Train

By Train: St. James Station Station exits at Hyde Park just west of the Cathedral.

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Rated 4.6 out of 5St Mary's Cathedral Star Rating

5 Star Rating St Mary's cathedral is a must do!! It's massive and full of beautiful objects to observe. The inside is darkly lit and has super tall pillars. Honestly one of the best bits of Sydney.

George Cryer - 2 days ago

4 Star Rating One of the landmark cathedral of Sydney. It's been described as Geometric Decorated Gothic in style of the Gothic Revival of the 19th Century. It's also interesting for the fact that it is oriented north-south rather than the usual east-west orientation. It has the greatest length but certainly not the largest or tallest church in Australia. It certainly worth a visit.

S Antoine M - 6 days ago

4 Star Rating As far as Australian cathedrals go this is really nice. It is a little dark but still splendid. One day while visiting after a seminar the boys choir were practicing and it was like another world. Truly magnificent

Michaelangelo Grimaldi - 7 days ago

5 Star Rating Absolute beauty this is. If you're a person who appreciate architecture, this is a place to visit. Lovely ambience. Surrounding area also is very beautiful. Quite a calm place, considering the crowd that flows in. Plus this is in Sydney

Rashindu Dabrera - 17 days ago

5 Star Rating It's the most beautiful cathedral in Sydney, must visit on any trip. It always fillls you with positivity and peace so if you're passing by during the day anytime, perhaps a small stop at the altar would do you good. :) The rose windows and sculptures are mesmerizing.

Arnab Kumar Mahanty - 23 days ago


Enjoy this spectacular Christmas Light Show projected onto St. Mary's Cathedral

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