5 Self Guided Sydney Walking Tours

When it comes to exploring a city it is hard to beat walking. You see so much more when you walk through a district, than you do when zooming past in a vehicle. When walking, you can really enjoy the ambience and see little details that you would otherwise miss. You can stop in at quaint little shops or cafes along the way. Explore the city at your own pace.

For that reason we have put together five self-guided Sydney walking tours for you. Each tour is fully described on its own page which can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding links below.

You can also choose from a diverse selection of fully guided walking or biking tours that can pre-booked to guarantee your spot.

Sydney City Highlights Walking Tour - 10 kms

Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Highlights Walking Tour Our 10 kilometre Sydney Highlights Walking Tour is a great way to get an overview of Sydney at the start of your vacation. It is also a great way to see many of Sydney's most famous landmarks including the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a relatively short time-frame. If you can only do one walking tour during your Sydney vacation this is the one we would recommend.

cc licensed photo by GOC53

Sydney Harbourfront Walking Tour - 10 kms

Harbourfront Walk along the east side of Farm Cove Sydney Harbourfront Walk Our harbourfront walking tour also takes you past numerous iconic Sydney Landmarks as you explore a total of 5 bays and coves along Sydney's world renowned harbour. If this 10 kilometre walk is a little too long for you, you can just do a portion of it.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk - 3 kms

View from Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk Sydney's famous Harbour Bridge has a walking path along the eastern side that offers some spectacular views of Sydney Harbour from above. You can also visit the Pylon Museum located in the southeast Pylon on the bridge for even more amazing views, along with information about the history of this very significant bridge. At only 3 kilometres this is one of our shorter walking tours - great if you are really limited for time.

cc licensed photo by bdearth

The Rocks Walking Tour - 3 kms

Historic Rocks district in Sydney Australia The Rocks Walking Tour If you love exploring small galleries and museums, old buildings, boutique shops and sidewalk cafes, you will love this 3 kilometre walking tour of The Rocks. It meanders through the roads and lane ways of Sydney's oldest district that is rich in history, yet more vibrant than at anytime in it's history.

cc licensed photo by pelican

Manly Scenic Walking Tour - 9.3 kms

Manly Scenic Walkway in Sydney Australia Manly Scenic Walking Tour This spectacular walking tour is 9.3 kilometres long, however you can certainly choose to do just a portion of it. Some parts are more a hike than walk. This is the perfect walking tour for those who love the great outdoors, parks, beaches and spectacular views. For this one you must wear good footwear and, on a hot day, bring along some water. Don't forget your camera and sun screen too!

cc licensed photo by daivinandleah

Fully Guided Walking and Biking Tours

In addition to the self-guided walking tours above you may want to consider one or more of the following fully guided walking tours.

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