Sydney Harbour Bridge Walking Tour

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk is a relatively short walk that offers some excellent views of Sydney Harbour and Central Sydney

Looking north from the southeast pylon lookout
Looking north from the southeast pylon lookout cc licensed photo by TheGirlsNY

This walking tour will provide you with some beautiful views of Sydney Harbour and some great views across the harbour from the northern shore (looking back towards the Central Business District). It will also give you a close up encounter with the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is one of Sydney's most iconic landmarks.

The walk is less than 3 kilometres long from Circular Quay to the the tip of Milsons Point under the north end of the bridge. It should only take you about one hour to walk one way unless you stop in visit the museum and lookout in the southeast pylon. Afterwards you have the option of walking back over the bridge, or taking a train, or enjoying a short ferry ride back to the City Centre.

For step-by-step directions and a map just click on the Map & Directions Tab at the top of this page.

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Line Nearest Station Walking Time
L2, T2, T3, T8 or FerryCircular Quay8 minutes

How to get to Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout by

Directions for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

  1. These directions are from Circular Quay Station. Proceed west then north through the park in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art to Argyle Street. then left at Cumberland Street. The stairs to the Harbour Bridge Walkway are just ahead on your right
  2. Go left (west) on Argyle between the Museum and Cadmans Cottage. This portion of Argyle is pedestrian only.
  3. Go left at Cumberland Street. The stairs to the Harbour Bridge Walkway are just ahead on your right. Just follow the stairs up onto the bridge deck.
  4. Follow the Harbour Bridge Walkway north all the way to the other side. If you have enough time be sure to check out the Harbour Bridge museum and lookout located in the first pylon along the way (there is a nominal admission charge for this).
  5. When you see the stairs going down on your right follow them down to Broughton Street and double back (south) all the way to the park and lookout at the tip of Milsons Point.

That's it! You may want to enjoy a bite at one of the little cafes you passed on Milton's point prior to returning. Afterwards, you can either walk back over the bridge, or take a ferry back to Circular Quay from the Milsons Point / Luna Park Wharf located just west of the bridge, or you can take a train back to Wynyard, Town Hall or Central Station from Milsons Point Railroad Station. To get to there, just walk north for 5 minutes along Alfred Street South on the west side of the bridge.

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View of Sydney Opera House and eastern suburbs from the southeast pylon lookout

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