France Miniature

Feel like a giant as you explore the detailed models and towns in France Miniature

Close up of a Paris street corner in France Miniature
Close up of a Paris street corner in France Miniature cc licensed photo by Andrew Childs

Most people have heard of Jonathan Swift's book, Gulliver's Travels, and many have wondered what it would be like to experience the sensation of being a giant. Paris has made this possible with a tourist attraction called "France Miniature".

France Miniature covers five hectares of outdoor park area that is the exact same shape as France itself. Within the park you will find 160 models of France's most popular and famous historic monuments and landmarks scaled down to 1/30th of their actual size. It is really like a map of France that you can walk around in as the monuments are all placed as close as possible to their real life locations.

It is not like walking through a museum however. Many of the monuments have some kind of animation that will delight even the most staid of visitor. There is a train system that runs through the park and a number of boats that float in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. There are paths that you can follow from one monument to the next so that you do not get lost or damage the models. There is also an indoor exhibition centre with a number of finely detailed models.

You are not restricted to wandering among the models however. There is also a do it yourself amusement park on the premises. You operate the rides yourself having a lot of fun controlling your own ride. There are a few places where you are going to have to depend on the person behind you to press the release button though so you have a chance to make friends with people you would otherwise never speak to.

If you want to view this particular attraction then you will have to visit Paris in the summer months as the park is closed during winter for renovations and repairs.

France Miniature is a place that most people should definitely put on their to do list when visiting France for a holiday. There is plenty to keep you amused for an entire day. Children will enjoy feeling like Godzilla on a rampage through France and grown-ups will give way to their inner-child as they explore this delightful place.

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Fee: From: $34.24 CAD...May vary slightly due to currency fluctuations

France Miniature

France Miniature is all France in just 1 day, discovering 117 unmissable monuments, 14 interactive steps across the whole trail and 8 attractions. Discover the most famous French monuments on a 4,800-hectare (12,000-acre) miniature map of France ! By pre-purchasing your ticket, you can skip the queues and gain direct entry to the largest miniature park in Europe.

Address: Boulevard André Malraux, 78990 Élancourt, France

Phone: 01 30 16 16 30

Official Website: France Miniature


Metro / SNCF Line Nearest Station Walking Time
M4, 6, 12 or 13 + SNCF N + BusMontparnasse - Bienvenüe / Gare Montparnasse to La Verrière‎ - Gare2 minutes

How to get to France Miniature by Metro / SNCF

By Metro plus SNCF Train and Bus: Make your way via Metro M4, 6, 12, or 13 to Montparnasse - Bienvenüe Station and walk over to Gare Montparnasse to Board SNCF Train N to La Verrière‎ - Gare (Station). Catch the #411 bus with destination sign ÉLANCOURT Les Côtes from the bus exchange situated just west of the of the station and disembark at the stop for France Miniature. This is about a 10 minute bus ride. On the trip back to the station catch the #411 bus with destination sign COIGNIÈRES Les Écoles. You can get bus schedules from sqy bus.

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Rated 4.3 out of 5

4 Star Rating What an interesting place to visit! It’s wonderful and magnificent, you can imagine and feel the France through many construction models which are very real and detailed. You can see the Arc de Triomphe, the tour of Eiffel, the Stade de France in miniature. You can also see many castles and other beautiful places of France and the feeling is like flying above them

Tran Hung - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating Very nice for a day out with the kids. I enjoyed it myself. Lots of things to learn and lots of fun with the kids.

Karmel Al-Manasrah - 3 months ago

4 Star Rating Had a fun day and I even recognized some placed I went to. However, not all mechanical systems were activate (animations). I think this park need some renovation.

Melroy van den Berg - 4 months ago

5 Star Rating Great park for kids. A nice mix of history and architecture. There are also some rides that are enjoyable for kids off all ages.

Cristian Tapus - 6 months ago

5 Star Rating This site has more than 100 miniature representations of buildings and places in France. Most are places and sites you might find on list of tours for France All the well known tourist sites are represented. You might get some ideas of other places to visit in France There is modestly priced, good food available. There are unusual, nteresting and free activities for children. Families with children 8 to 14 should not miss this place.

Charlie Cartwright - 7 months ago


A video tour of France Miniature and its many attractions

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