Picasso Museum
(Musée National Picasso)

Musée Picasso located in the historic Hotel Salé is home to a collection of over 5000 works by Picasso himself

Entrance to Musée Picasso in Paris
Entrance to Musée Picasso in Paris cc licensed photo by Daquella manera

After 5 years of extensive renovations, Musée Picasso in Paris continues its longstanding tradition of focusing on the prolific works of Picasso.

Picasso, who passed away in 1973, had amassed a vast collection of his own work along with the work of numerous other artists. In fact he is known to have said "give me a museum and I will fill it" and indeed he has done all of that and much more. The Picasso Museum opened in 1985 and included a large representation of his works from throughout his career — not only paintings, but also wood and metal suculptures, ceramics and drawings. The overall collection exceeds 5000 works of art by Picasso himself as well as a number of works by other artists that he collected himself. Anyone interested in contemporary art and especially the contributions of Picasso to this genre will immensely enjoy this museum.

The Musée Picasso is housed with the very old Hotel Salé which was originally completed back in 1659. The age of the building as necessitated a major renovation to bring the building up to current safety and accessibility standards This renovation projected proved challanging from both a time and cost perspective and took a total of 5 years from start to finish. The museum reopened to the public on October 25th, 2014 and interesting date in that it was also Picasso's date of birth. If he was still alive he would have turned 134.

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: Yes

Picasso Museum (Musée National Picasso) Hours:
Opening hours may differ on holidays

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Address: 5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris, France

Phone: 01 85 56 00 36

Official Website: Picasso Museum (Musée National Picasso)

Picasso Museum (Musée National Picasso) Reviews

Rated 4.3 out of 5 Star Rating

4 Star Rating The museum is free for U26 EU resident and the checkin is also really quick. The exhibition were good and it's also near many other private galleries that you can add to your visit list too. But I gave a 4 because something happened (and I don't know why) when I was sitting downstair the security were getting everyone to go up to the exit without letting everyone going back to visit the exhibition (since there's only 1 way out from what I know). So I kind of glad I got in for free otherwise I haven't seen anything yet and have to get out
Vy Yang - in the last week

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5 Star Rating The museum located in a calm place and contains more than 3000 pieces of Picasso works. You can find painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramic art, even poetry. All those arts was given by his family after his death to France especially because Pablo lives there the whole life. For those who likes art they will love it. PS: Finally I met la chévre de monsieur Seguin hhhh.
souad yassine - a week ago

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5 Star Rating It’s probably best to navigate here using Gmaps if it’s your first time going, there aren’t any big signs to let you know that you’re actually at the museum already. You get in free if you have a Cultivist membership, just get a map at the lobby and then head downstairs where Picasso’s works are located. The lady didn’t know what to scan, but a supervisor ended up helping us get in. For art casuals, it’s okay, lots of interesting pieces to look at and read about, you can probably spend an hour here. Heading up to the upper floors where Sophie Calle’s works are at, there are a lot of rooms and pieces to explore, probably worth half a day to explore.
RC - 2 months ago

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3 Star Rating The private palace where the museum is located is very beautiful, as is the terrace on which you can eat or drink coffee. But I think I forgot to visit some corners of the museum because it is very complicated to follow, but I wanted to and did not see enough of Picasso’s works, as on display are a few paintings by Picasso and the rest are works of art by other artists. In any case, the museum is dedicated to Picasso, and most of the exhibits are not by Picasso
Mohammad Ayoub - 4 months ago

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Metro / RER Line Nearest Station Walking Time
M8Saint-Sébastien - Froissart8 minutes
M2Saint-Paul9 minutes

How to get to Picasso Museum (Musée National Picasso) by Metro / RER

Note that the entrance to Musée Picasso is located on Rue Vieille-du-Temple, not on Rue de Thorigny even though that is its address

By Metro: From Metro Line 8 exit at Saint-Sébastien - Froissart Station; cross at the marked crosswalk and head west along Rue du Pon aux Chous to Rue Vieille-du-Temple and go left. Continue on Rue Vieille-du-Temple to the entrance on which is one your left. From Metro Line 2 exit Saint-Paul Station to your right (east) on Rue de Rivoli, then cross the street and walk north on Rue Malher continuing on Rue Payenne, then left on Rue du Parc Royal continue on Rue de la Perle and go right on Rue Vieille-du-Temple to the courtyard and entrance on your right.

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