Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is one of Paris's hidden gems, not so well known by tourists, but loved by locals

Beautiful Parc des Buttes-Chaumont at dusk
Beautiful Parc des Buttes-Chaumont at dusk cc licensed photo by (vincent desjardins)

There are many great parks scattered throughout Paris but none is quite like Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. This park owes its uniqueness to an original thinking designer Baron Haussmann who designed the entire park with the aid of Adolphe Alphand, a well known landscape architect.

The area where the park now sits was an area that few visited, it was in fact originally an area reserved strictly for the execution of criminals and then at a later stage in its history it became a limestone quarry as well as a public dump. These facts alone make the park a prime example of how easily land that has been used for industrial purposes can be converted into something that is good for the public.

It was Napoleon the Third who decided that it should be converted into a park for the enjoyment of the working class in that area. The park is especially distinctive because the entire park is actually situated on a rocky outcrop that yields the best views of the city of Paris and is therefore one of Parisians' favourite parks to stroll through or just spend time relaxing in.

In designing the park the Baron Haussmann decided on some very radical and revolutionary design techniques. For example, he decided to use dynamite as a sculpting and land shaping technique with some very dramatic and interesting results. The park features a 32 metre waterfall and on top of the cliff is a small temple inspired by the Roman temple to the goddess Sybil.

The park, which stretches for 24 hectares features a both a suspension bridge and a slightly notorious suicide bridge over thirty feet above the ground. There is an accumulated total of around five kilometres worth of walkways and paths to guide you through the beautiful gardens located around the park. There is even a little grotto. All of these features combine to make the park the third largest built this way in Paris. The park is quite easy to get to and there are in fact two Metro entrances leading to the park, namely Botzaris and Buttes Chaumont. There are also a number of exotic species of tree, many of them Asian, such as the Himalayan Cedars, Byzantine Hazelnuts and Siberian elms, to name but a few.

Nearby attraction: Canal Saint Martin

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  • Monday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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Address: 1 Rue Botzaris, 75019 Paris, France

Phone: 01 48 03 83 10

Official Website: Parc des Buttes-Chaumont


Metro / RER Line Nearest Station Walking Time
M7 + M7 bisButtes Chaumont 0 minutes
M5Laumière5 minutes
M11Pyrénées6 minutes

How to get to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont by Metro / RER

By Metro: Via Metro Line 7 go to Louis Blanc Station and transfer to the M7bis to Buttes Chaumont Station. The park entrance is just ahead of the exit on your right. Via Metro Line 5 go to Laumière Station; exit and walk straight south along Avenue de Laumière to the park entrance. Via Metro Line 11 ride to Pyrénées Station; exit onto Avenue Simon Bolivar and follow it north west to the park gate.

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Rated 4.6 out of 5

5 Star Rating A true escape from the busy Paris. A great place for picnics and families. A fresh breath of air at any season.

Alina Wood - 7 days ago

5 Star Rating Beautiful, large park with plenty of trails, hills, a river and even... A cave with a waterfall! It was great for my family to walk one morning, taking a break from the busy city. You should take a couple of hours while visiting Paris, and maybe bring some baked goods and cheese bought at the nearby stores for a picnic!

Manuel Clément - 15 days ago

5 Star Rating Beautiful , serene , feels like you are in nature's lap. It covers a big area and feels like walking on some mountain top in some parts. Not stroller friendly though at some parts as there are stairs too.

neha goswami - 17 days ago

4 Star Rating This is a nice park to hang out in Paris... You can just sit around the lake and enjoy a picnic or take a walk to the top and enjoy the view... I really liked going there... I recommend though to take the metro to Laumiere to reach the park. Firstly it's easier because there are less changes to reach it (at least I did) and then you just have to go up the street and you're in the park right where the lake is... I find it a bit more difficult to stop at Buttes Chaumont and try to find the lake (except if you don't mind walking around the park or that's your main purpose of course but we wanted to sit and enjoy the sun while having a picnic! :) )

Merve Günaydın - 27 days ago

5 Star Rating It was absolutely amazing!! Especially the getting locked inside part of our visit...There was no "10 minute warning" sound before all the gates were locked, and my companion and I were locked inside with DOZENS of others; we were forced to climb over the fence, which is NOT EASY TO DO unless you happen to be a gymnast or an acrobat...I would visit (and be locked in) again each time I visit this wonderful city. Just remember that CLOSING TIME MEANS CLOSED SO GET OUT BEFORE you're padlocked inside!

Gabrielle Dawkins - 4 months ago


The start of a new day in beautiful Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

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