Musée Grévin
(Wax Museum)

Musée Grévin is a world famous wax museum that brings history to life with its amazingly life-like replica's of historical and contemporary individuals

Interesting entrance to the Musée Grévin
Interesting entrance to the Musée Grévin cc licensed photo by Myrabella

The Musée Grévin is one of the most entertaining museums and attractions you'll find in Paris. It is a world famous wax museum that has been operating since 1882. The exhibits are suitable for people of all ages and interests. Located on the Grands Boulevards in the 19th arrondissement on the right side bank of the River Seine, Musée Grévin is easy to access.

The Musée Grévin is one of the oldest wax museums in the world and was started by Arthur Meyer, a journalist working for Le Gaulois. The museum contains an enormous variety and number of wax figures that are extremely life-like. The museum actually employs a number of real live actors to pose among the wax figurines, pretending to be part of the exhibit, and stand absolutely dead still and then all of a sudden they will come to life with often hilarious results as some people get a fright and run while others merely find it rather amusing, many find the reactions of the others amusing as well.

There is a great deal to see at the Musée Grévin and it is not all just famous Hollywood actors, there are also many sports personalities as well as some very interesting characters from different periods throughout history. One of the most popular segments of the entire museum is the French history section.

The French history section features many interesting displays of wax figures in tableau. There is a very interesting mix of history that includes some very dark and often rather macabre events as well as more positive ones. One of the most macabre displays of all is the tableau of the very famous murder of Jean Paul Marat by Charlotte Corday which actually uses real life props, the actual murder weapon, a knife and the actual bath in which he was murdered.

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Facts For Your Visit

Fee: Yes - Free with the Paris Pass

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Hours This Week:
  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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Address: 10 Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France

Phone: 01 47 70 85 05

Official Website: Musée Grévin (Wax Museum)

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Metro / RER Line Nearest Station Walking Time
M8 or M9Grands Boulevards2 minutes
M3Bourse6 minutes
M7Le Peletier8 minutes

How to get to Musée Grévin (Wax Museum) by Metro / RER

By Metro: Take Metro line 8 or 9 to Grands Boulevards Station and walk west on Blvd Montmartre. The Grévin is just a brief walk west of the station on the right hand side of the road (2 minutes) or take Metro Line 3 to Bourse Station and walk straight north on Rue Vivienne to Blvd Montmartre; cross over and look for the Museum entrance to your right (6 minutes) or take Metro Line 7 to Le Peletier Station and walk south along Rue Drouot (just east of the Metro exit) to Blvd Montmartre and go left (east) and watch for the museum entrance on the left.

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Rated 4.3 out of 5Musée Grévin Star Rating

4 Star Rating Really nice experience, I loved the idea of replicating the atmosphere from The Voice. In general, the statues are great, but some of the women were really far away from what we see on TV or on the internet. Overall, you can spend a great afternoon there!

Cip Baetu - 9 days ago

5 Star Rating Rather expensive, but definately worth it. My recommendation is if you come there on busy time, let the group move first, wait a bit and then go. Its tightly spaced there, people gather for light show thus being grouped for the show, so go to show together and then let this group move and then you will enjoy silent ant comfortable visit.

Ričardas Leščinskas - 1 month ago

4 Star Rating A very nice was museum, however a lot of statues of French people I had no clue about! The show at the beginning was different. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff.

Pamela Badra - 1 month ago

4 Star Rating Great wax museum in Paris. It is a nice change of scenery as it's different that the other attractions. There are so many characters depicted there including actors, politicians, athletes, etc. There is also a light/illumination show which is nice. Few things to keep in mind, the ticket price is fairly high compared to other attractions, and the place is not a stroller friendly (there is so many stairs that I had to keep picking up my baby's stroller).

Ryan Alsaihaty - 2 months ago

4 Star Rating This was a nice change of pace from the history & museums all week. Visited on our last day, we enjoyed the light show being super funky and the old theatre it appeared to be housed in. Some of the wax figures almost seemed to jump out of their seats! Cleanest restrooms in all of Paris. If you need a change of pace, this is it.

Laura Lewon - 4 months ago


Video introduction to the Musée Grévin wax museum in Paris

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