Jardin de Luxembourg

Jardin de Luxembourg is a well deserved favourite among Parisians and should be on any visitors must see list

Luxembourg Garden in Paris
Luxembourg Garden in Paris cc licensed photo by uberdadofthree

Jardin de Luxembourg is situated near the famous Sorbonne University in the 6th arrondisement. It is arguably the most well known and well loved park in Paris. The name comes from the fact the park was originally owned by the Duke of Luxemberg so quite literally, Jardin de Luxembourg translates as the garden of Luxembourg.

The park covers an area of around fifty-five hectares. Famously the park was bought by Marie de Medici who was the mother of Louis XIII, because of her Italian heritage she had the garden redesigned in an Italian style so that she could be reminded of her childhood spent mostly in Florence at Pitti Palace.

The Grand Bassin is a large octagon shaped pond that is situated right at the very centre of the park, one of the favourite pastimes that people enjoy here is to rent a small boat. You may also be entertained by a small puppet theatre and there are pony rides and a carousel for the children. This park is well worth a visit and it really feels like the quintessential park portrayed in so many movies. There are many nice lawns all around the central point and one can also simply make use of one of the many chairs that are around the park if you need to take a short rest from your wanderings.

A number of Watteau's garden scenes are based on the view of the garden during a period when the upkeep of the gardens was neglected and they were allowed to run wild a little. If you are familiar with his work then you might find it interesting to try to find the locations of his paintings.

This park is a favourite for couples and also is a firm favourite of chess players as well as the traditional French game of Jeux de Boules, a game that is something like jacks. There are also a number of really beautiful fountains in this park, one of the most well known is the Fontaine de Medicis, named after the famous family that originally bought the park and redesigned it. The fountain is designed in a baroque style and has been there since 1624. There are a number of statues throughout the park that attract great interest as well.

Nearby attractions: Latin Quarter, Pantheon and the Musée de Cluny - (Medieval Art)

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: No

Address: 75006 Paris, France

Phone: 01 42 34 20 00

Official Website: Jardin de Luxembourg

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Metro / RER Line Nearest Station Walking Time
M4 or M10Odéon6 minutes
M12Notre-Dame-des-Champs‎‎6 minutes
RER-BLuxembourg0 minutes

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Rated 4.6 out of 5Luxembourg Gardens Star Rating

5 Star Rating What can you say about a beautiful gardens? There is also a pond where you can sail small boats. A band stand and an outdoor cafe. It was wonderful. So glad we went there.

Pamela Ehret - 23 hours ago

5 Star Rating Beautiful place to do some exercise, walk around or go for a picnic. Just be careful of the birds, don't feed them, for experience I've to said that was the worse idea. Was fun, but baaad idea!

Glo Torres - 9 days ago

5 Star Rating This place is always so beautiful. It is a pleasure to visit such a nice place. and for free. There is no rush and no excess pomp. It will always be a go-to relaxing spot.

Patrick K. Cooper - 24 days ago

5 Star Rating Such a lovely place, I came here during the month of August, and the weather was pleasant. Entry is free, and there are small snack stalls and chairs scattered throughout the property. The flowers are lovely, and one should come here just to sit and relax and admire the flowers.

Grace Pachuau - 29 days ago

4 Star Rating Spoiler...better to visit in summer/autumn season but overall a nice garden to visit. Few statues to see and a huge pond in the middle on the garden. Great place for picturesque photos and scenes. 2 Playgrounds deeper in the garden for children. Definitely worth visiting if in Paris but again, better in summer/autumn. McDonald's and Burger King right outside the garden if you're craving fast foods and drinks.

Zubeir Bheekharry - 1 month ago


Video highlights of the very beautiful Luxembourg Garden

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