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Rio de Janeiro hotels can be expensive, especially in the tourist areas near Copacabana and Ipanema beach. We're here to help with a selection of good clean, reasonably priced hotels within a short walk of the Metro. Our picks include hotels near Catete and Flamingo where there is a beautiful beach, but rates are lower, as well as properties located in the prime tourist areas of Copacabana and Ipanema that offer excellent value.

While some of our picks might be considered budget hotels, they're not the cheapest hotels available, because we only recommend accommodation with good to excellent reviews.

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It is worth keeping in mind that hotel prices in Rio are much higher around New Years and also during the annual Carnival which is held before Lent - usually in February, but sometimes in the beginning of March. If you avoid these times, you should be able to find some pretty good deals.

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Hotel Monte Castelo Rio de JaneiroHotel Monte Castelo Rio de Janeiro
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Address: Rua Cândido Mendes 201 - Glória, Santa Teresa
Near Metro Station: Glória
Amenities: Free Breakfast, Refrigerator, Mini Bar, Wi-Fi, TV, Air Conditioned, Private Bathrooms
Mini Review: Hotel Monte Castelo Rio offers basic, but clean accommodation at an affordable price in a great location for exploring many of Rio de Janeiros historic sites and attractions including the Museum of Modern Art, the world famous Escadaria Selarón and the historic neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. Only a 5 minute walk from Glória Metro Station means you will have quick access to many more areas of the city including all of the popular attractions. Each room is equipped with a small refrigerator and mini-bar so you can keep some cold refreshments at hand. The included free buffet breakfast will save you money on meals.

Windsor Asturias Hotel in Rio de JaneiroWindsor Asturias
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Address: Rua Senador Dantas, 14, Centro
Nearby Metro Station: Cinelândia
Amenities: 24 hour Front Desk, Restaurant/cafe, Swimming Pool, Bar, Gym, Spa, Laundry service, Concierge, Private bathroom, TV, Safe box, Mini bar, Hairdryer
Mini Review: If you prefer accommodations in Central Rio, you simply won't find better value than the Windsor Asturias. This excellent 3-Star hotel is reasonably price, but has great amenities including an outdoor rooftop pool, a bar and a fitness centre, all with superb views. The free WiFi works well and the rooms are quite spacious and many offer nice views. Nearby attractions include the Municipal Theatre, National Library, Museum of National History and the National Museum of Fine Arts. You are just a few steps away from Cinelândia Metro Station for quick access to other parts of the city. This hotel is a good choice if you are more into museums, architecture and culture than the beaches.

Paysandu HotelPaysandu Hotel
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Address: Rua Paissandu, 23, Flamengo
Nearby Metro Station: Largo do Machado
Amenities: Restaurant, Room Service, Private Bathrooms, TV, Mini Bar, Air Conditioning
Mini Review: This recently renovated 3 Star hotel is simple and effective as an inexpensive place to stay in Rio. It is only about a 6 minute walk from Largo du Machado station on the Metro which will is only a 10 to 15 minutes ride to the tourist areas of Copacabana and Ipanema and less than a 10 minute ride to many of the attractions in the central area a little to the north. This hotel can save you a lot of money compared to staying right in the main tourist areas. The restaurant is open for all three meals and there are many other restaurants and some good shoping in the area. The front desk is open 24/7.

Hotel Flamengo PalaceHotel Flamengo Palace
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Address: Praia do Flamengo, 6 - Gloria
Nearby Metro Station: Catete Station
Amenities: 24 Hour Front Desk, Tour Desk, Mini Bar, Private Bathroom, Flat-screen Satellite TV, Free Wi-Fi, Airconditioned Rooms
Mini Review: Hotel Flamengo Palace is a modestly priced 3 Star located located right across from Flamengo Beach Park. Some rooms have spectacular views of Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf. Of course you'll pay a bit more for a room with a sea view, but the difference isn't excessive. Located in Cental Rio within a 10 minute walk of Catete or Gloria Metro Station, you'll have good access to the rest of the city and there are numerous attractions and shopping in the surrounding area. Every room has a private bathroom, hairdryer and a minibar. A breakfast is included with most rate packages, something to consider when comparing rates with other hotels.

Regina HotelRegina Hotel
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Address: Rua Ferreira Viana 29, Flamengo
Nearby Metro Station: Catete Station
Amenities: Restaurant, 24 Hour Room Service, Fitness Room, Hot Tub, Sauna, Spa Mini Bar, Private Bathrooms, TV, Free Wi-Fi, Air conditioning
Mini Review: The Regina Hotel is located within a 7 minute walk of Flamengo Beach which is easily accessed via a pedestrian overpass. The hotel boasts a good variety of amenities including a restaurant, bar, fitness and spa facilities. They will start your day off with a free breakfast everyday. Double, triple and quadruple rooms are available making this hotel a good property for couples or families. They also have a honeymoon suite. If you are looking for a hotel that is close to good shopping, the ocean and beach as well as the metro at a reasonable price the Regina is a good choice.

Windsor Florida HotelWindsor Florida Hotel
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Address: Rua Ferreira Viana 81 - Flamengo
Nearby Metro Station: Catete
Amenities: Free breakfast, Restaurant, Bar / Lounge, 24/7 Reception and Room Service, Laundry Service, Mini Bar, Hairdryer, TV, Wireless Internet, Private Bathrooms, Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna, Fitness Centre, Air Conditioned.
Mini Review: This 4-Star hotel is located in a quieter residential neighbouhood in Flamingo which helps keep the cost down. The hotel gets very good reviews and will appeal to the visitor that is looking for something just a bit more upscale, while maintaining a reasonable cost. It has all of the amenities that most people would want and many of the rooms have outstanding views. Catete Metro Station is just steps from the door, making this hotel a perfect base from which to explore the city. It is also just a block away from beautiful Flamingo Beach.

Jucati Season ApartmentsJucati Season Apartments
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Address: Rua Tenente Marones de Gusmao, 85, Copacabana
Nearby Metro Station: Siqueira Campos
Amenities:24 Hour Front Desk, Kitchenette, Wi-Fi, TV, Hair Dryer, Private Bathroom, Bicycle Rentals, Air Conditioned.
Mini Review: Also called Hostel Jucati but don't be fooled by the word hostel. This hotel has private rooms and baths and it is one of the best values we have found for a hotel within walking distance of Copacabana beach. It is an apartment style building with kitchenettes and an eating area in each room, but no room service. The rooms are simple and plain - not luxurious, but they are clean. There are also triple and quadruple rooms available making this an ideal place for families. Jucati Apartments are just a 4 block walk from the beach and only 2 blocks from the Metro. If you want a decent place to stay in the popular Copacabana area without the high Copacabana prices, this would be a great choice.

Atlantis Copacabana HotelAtlantis Copacabana
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Address: Rua Bulhoes De Carvalho, 61, Copacabana
Near Metro Station: Ipanema/General Osório Station
Amenities: Free Buffet Breakfast, Room Service, Air Conditioned, Mini Bar, Hi-speed Internet, Satellite TV, Private Bathroom, Sauna.
Mini Review: The Atlantis Copacabana is in a great location right behind Garota de Ipanema Park between Copacabana and Ipanema beach. You can walk to the beach in about 3 minutes and you are not far from Rio's great bars, restaurants and nightlife. Some rooms, especially on the higher floors, can provide you with great views. If you prefer to not swim in the ocean, there is a rooftop terrace with a pool and hot tub. A free buffet breakfast will help you get your day off to a great start. For exploring the rest of the city it's just an 8 minute walk in General Osório Station on the Metro. If you are looking for reasonably priced accommodations that are close to the beaches and all the action the Atlantis is a good choice.

Hotel Atlantico RioHotel Atlantico Rio
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Address: Rua Xavier da Silveira 112, Copacabana
Nearby Metro Station: Cantagalo
Amenities: 24 hour Front Desk Service, Restaurant/cafe, Swimming Pool, Bar, Laundry service, Concierge, Shower, Flat-screen TV, Free WiFi, Air conditioning, Safe box, Mini bar, Hairdryer
Mini Review: Crowned with a rooftop swimming pool which boasts fabulous views, Hotel Atlantico Rio offers a good range of amenities at a very reasonable price. The location is great - just a short 3 blocks to Copacanana beach and a similar distance to the beautiful Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. This is a beautiful area to explore and Cantagalo Metro Station is across the street giving you easy access to other parts of the city. Considering the many ammenties and the 4-Star rating, you will be hard pressed to find a better value in this area of Rio de Janeiro. An all you can eat buffet breakfast is included in your room rate.

Copacabana Suites by Atlantica HotelsCopacabana Suites by Atlantica Hotels
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Rating: Apartments
Address: Rua Barata Ribeiro, 222, Copacabana
Nearby Metro Station: Cardeal Arcoverde Station
Amenities: Restaurant/cafe, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Bar, Gym, Spa, Laundry service, Livingroom, Kitchenette, Flat-screen TV, Free WiFi Air conditioning, Safe box, Mini bar, Private Bathroom, Hairdryer
Mini Review: Beach lovers will love Copacabana Suites located less than a 6 minute walk from the beach after which it is named, but without the beachfront rates. This apartment hotel offers spacious suites complete with kitchenettes so you can also save money preparing some of your own meals. Free wi-fi and a tasty complimentary breakfast each morning to help you begin your day. When it comes to dining and nightlife, you'll have plenty to choose from in the surrounding area, but the hotel's own restaurant is also known to have good cuisine. The multilingual staff can help you with your daily sightseeing plans. For access to the metro you are only a 2 walk to Cardeal Arcoverde Station.

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