Corcovado | Christ the Redeemer

Corcovado - A breathtaking train ride, spectacular views and Rio's most iconic landmark

Christ the Redeemer Statue on top of Corcovado Peak
Christ the Redeemer Statue on top of Corcovado Peak cc licensed photo by dany13

A trip to the top of Corcovado brings you not only, to the base of Rio's most iconic landmark, but to a spectacular view point high above this city from which even Sugar Loaf Mountain appears dwarf sized. The train ride up to the top adds to the entire experience making this one attraction you simply must see during your visit to Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil is proud of its Christianity and nothing says so more than their erection of the Christ the Redeemer statue. The Christ the Redeemer statue was the largest Art Deco statue in the world from 1931 until 2010. The 30 metre tall statue stands on an 8 metre high pedestal. The figure's arms stretch out to a magnificent 28 metres in width. It can be seen from just about anywhere in Rio de Janeiro, and has been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

It is 635 tonnes in weight and is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone. The entire statue took nine years to construct at the top of Corcovado mountain. It was finally dedicated to Christ on 12 October 1931. A chapel under the statue was consecrated on 12 October 2006 making it possible for baptisms and weddings to be held there. The honour of being named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World happened on 7 July 2007. The pose of the statue, with open arms, is a symbol of peace.

The statue was a collaborative project between a number of artists and engineers. The design of the statue was done by Heitor da Silva Costa and the main sculpting was the work of Paul Landowski. The face of the statue was the work of Gheorghe Leonida. A restoration project was completed in 2010 and involved a hundred people and more than sixty thousand pieces of stone. These pieces of stone were taken from the exact same quarry as the stone for the original statue.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer is not just an amazing piece of engineering and art. It has been featured in a number of video games. Some of the more popular games include Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X, Angry Birds Rio and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The statue was also featured in Micheal Jackson's music video for "They Don't Care About Us" and Snoop Dogg's "Beautiful". You can see the statue in popular movies such as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and both animation films in the Rio series.

The trip up to the top of Corcovado is definately something to be experienced. We recommend taking the train ride (Trem do Corovado) up as it offers a unique and memorable experience and it presents some absolutely fantastic views of the city and its surroundings. The fare is quite reasonable. For the best views try to get a seat on the right side of the train during the ride up. If possible, go on a clear day and once you reach the top, be sure to take time to soak in the fantastic vistas that surround you. Scroll down the page to discover more of what this entire experience is like.

If you prefer a guided tour with transportation, following tour offers excellent value as it includes transportation to visit the Christ the Redeemer Statue followed by a walking tour of downtown Rio.

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Address: Parque Nacional da Tijuca - Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil

Official Website: Corcovado | Christ the Redeemer


Metro and Bus Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Line 1 - Orange or Line 2 GreenLargo do Machado2 Minutes

How to get to Corcovado | Christ the Redeemer by Metro and Bus

Make your way by Metro to Largo do Machado Station. Transfer to bus #580 Cosme Velho (have exact change ready for the extra fare) at the south end of the station on Rua das Laranjeiras and ride it to terminus at Cosme Velho where you can walk one block back (east) and purchase your ticket for the breathtaking Corcovado Train to the top.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5Christ the Redeemer Star Rating

4 Star Rating Great View!!! I felt very safe getting up there I observed a lot securities around it. Fair price for the ticket, food and souvenirs. The only thing I was not too happy about it was the time that took that my wife and I to get up there. about 2 hours because there was a lot tourists. But, in the end was worth it. We visited back in January (2018). Most of the staff speaks english.

Rodolfo Costa - 8 hours ago

5 Star Rating I’m always surprised by just how imposing and impressive the Redeemer is. The views of Rio, the ocean, it’s stunning on clear days. There is never a great time to go to avoid the crowds. There is a decent selection of food available and the gift shop is really cute.

Mandy Davis - 7 days ago

4 Star Rating Iconic place in Rio. Its great to take the train to go there. Remember to purchase the tickets for it in advance. It doesn t matter if you have mobility problems, you also have mechanic stairs, so everyone can go. Always crowded. Bring water, the sun is very strong. They have a bar at the top with excellent views.

Mariano Real - 7 days ago

5 Star Rating An iconic landmark when you think of not only Rio de Janeiro but Brazil. Make sure you choose day with good visibility as views are amazing. That also means bigger crowds too. Private van or tour vans, I think, is best way to get up mountain. Except for the train option you’ll get dropped off where you buy tickets/gift shop and small cafe is, then once your group time is called you’ll board the Tijuca Parks own vans to take you all the way to the top. Just beautiful, sacred landmark. Early morning to noon the sun will be in correct position for Christ to have good lighting. Later afternoon/evening it will be backlit.

Kyle Riesner - 1 month ago

5 Star Rating An absolute must see when visiting Rio de Janeiro. Take the train to the top, enjoy the ride and views. Have a snack, full meal or a cold beer at one of the many small cafes at the top. Fabulous views and photo opportunities. ALWAYS busy, so plan to spend some time. Lots of tours available, but we always go by ourselves to get extra time and work on our own schedule. The electric cog railway up the mountain and back is well worth it. Great scenery, and fabulous views from the top. *** Plan your trip for a clear day***. The best time is late morning to early afternoon when any fog is usually burned off.

Jim BOAGEY - 2 months ago


This video covers the entire Corcovado experience including the train ride and the views from the top

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