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Bike Rio offers a fun and inexpensive way to explore the city

Updated on August 27, 2021
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Rio de Janeiro offers another way to get around, that often isn't considered as a mode of public transportation, but can be all of that and more. If you enjoy cycling and would like to explore some of the city with the help of a bike you'll want to know more about the Rio Bike program.

The Rio Bike system consists of 304 stations located throughout all of the popular tourist areas and downtown Rio and a compliment of 3100 bright orange bicycles. Each bike features a 6-speed shifter, rear view mirror, bell, adjustable seat and a front mounted carrier. The stations are solar powered. You can pick a bike up at one station and dock it at another. You can also check online to see how many bikes are available at any station.

You can pay for your bike rental by downloading the app to your smartphone and adding a payment method. A single trip of up to 15 minutes R$ 3,00 or you can purchase a 4-day pass with unlimited trips to a maximum of 2 hours for R$ 20,00. Anytime you wish to unlock a bike can enter the code obtained through your app. On the single trip plan, your credit card will be charged and additional R$ 2,00 for each additional 15 minutes or portion thereof. The 15 minute time limit helps to ensure that the bikes stay in circulation. There is a 15 minute waiting period from the time you dock a bike at the station until you can unlock one again. Some electric assisted bikes at higher rates.

The rental bikes are a great option for riding along the long beachfronts of Copacabana and Ipanema or for peddling your way around the beautiful Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. There are many kilometers of designated bike paths to ride on so why not include at least one day of cycling in your travel plans? The bikes are popular on weekends soyou may find some of the stations empty. Availabilty is best during weekdays.

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More Info for Getting Around Rio de Janeiro on Public Transportation

This video is in Portuguese, but even if you don't understand the language it shows how easy it is to checkout a Rio Bike from your smartphone

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