Jardim de Alah

Named for the Hollywood film by the same name The Garden of Allah is a nice place to relax on a nice day

The Garden of Alah runs between Ipanema and Leblon
The Garden of Alah runs between Ipanema and Leblon cc licensed photo by Andy Bullock

The Garden of Allah or Jardim de Alah in Portuguese, is a beautiful park that divides Ipanema from Leblon in Rio de Janeiro. It is named for the film by the same name produced in 1936 starring Marlene Dietrich and Charles Boyer. Visiting the Garden of Allah will give you a nice break from the bustle of the surrounding city and Ipanema Beach.

The Garden of Allah is found running along the canal which joins the lagoon to the Atlantic Ocean. This canal has docks which were originally intended for the loading and unloading of people into and out of gondolas. It was possible to rent paddle boats and go gliding up and down the canal in the 1950s and 1960s. The entire garden is inspired by the French and as a result you will find a lot of romantic bowers and secluded spots.

If simply enjoying the sun and relaxing in the beautiful garden is not enough for you, there is also the opportunity to take a look at some monuments. You will find an obelisk celebrating a victory in the Battle of Richuelo and a bust of Marshal Eurico Gaspar Dutra. There are also two named sculptures; "Protection" and "Woman and Cat". If you wander down towards the beach end of the canal and take a good look you will see the dates and important people involved in the building of the canal carved into the canal stone.

The Garden of Allah is pet friendly and chances are good that you will be able to see dog owners out taking their dogs for a walk in the park. It is also not uncommon for there to be a film crew in the gardens as they are still a popular location for filming. The gardens are also popular with joggers ad cyclists.

Currently the garden is undergoing some turmoil as it is going to be the location of one of the stations on the new Metro Line 4 currently under construction. Of course once the new line is complete, it will be even easier to get to the garden.

The Garden of Allah is simply a beautiful place to take a time out and relax a little in the beauties of nature. Be sure to take the time to visit and enjoy such and old established garden.


Metro + Bus Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Line 4 - OrangeJardim de Alah3 Minutes

How to get to Jardim de Alah by Metro + Bus

Take Metro Line 4 to Jardim de Alah Station which is located inside the park.

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