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A visit to the Rio Zoo is both fun and educational for all ages

A Scarlet Mawca at the Rio Zoo
A Scarlet Mawca at the Rio Zoo cc licensed photo by Digo_Souza

Rio de Janeiro is not just about festivals, beaches and sun. Visitors to the wonderful city can also enjoy visiting the zoo and seeing some truly rare and special animals.

The Jardim Zoológico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro is the oldest zoo in Rio de Janeiro. It was built in 1945 in Boa Vista in St. Kitts district and has been entertaining and educating the public since then. The paths are lined with royal palms which lends an air of majesty to the setting.

The original zoo was built by Baron Drummond in 1888 to try to expose the public to the beauty of animals that exist in Brazil as well as the rest of the world. The zoo encountered financial difficulties in later years and had to close down as the upkeep of the animals became too expensive and earnings were not enough to keep it going.

The new Jardim Zoológico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro was opened on 18 March 1945. The gate, a very magnificent and imposing structure, was given as a wedding gift to D. Pedro the First and Empress Leopoldina.

The zoo is home to a wide range of animals ranging from the more common to those that are far more rare and endangered. There are about 350 different species to see ranging across reptiles, mammals and birds. Jardim Zoológico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro has a program in place to attempt to reproduce endangered species like the King Vulture and Ararajuba Cachorro do Mato.

If you enjoy seeing animals or would like to introduce your children to seeing creatures they have never seen before, Jardim Zoológico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro is a great place to visit. Be sure to allocate at least half a day for this visit, you will need it!

Facts For Your Visit

Fee: Yes

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Hours This Week:
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Address: Parque da Quinta da Boa Vista - S/N - São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20940-040, Brazil

Phone: (21) 3878-4200

Official Website: Rio de Janeiro Zoo

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Metro Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Line 2 - GreenSão Cristóvão13 Minutes

How to get to Rio de Janeiro Zoo by Metro

Take the Metro to São Cristóvão Station on Line 2. Exit and take the pedestrian ramps over to the north side of the train tracks descending down the left ramp. Cross the road into the park and continue along the path to the National Museum of Brazil. Continue following the path as it turns to the west around the north side of the museum and then proceed through the gate and straight down the cobblestone path lined with palm trees to the zoo entrance.

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Rated 4.1 out of 5RioZoo Jardim Zoológico do Rio Star Rating

3 Star Rating At the moment some areas of the zoo are under improvements (Construction) even though, there are a considerable amount of birds, and some monkeys, elephants, hypos, turtles, a lion, wolf's between others. The areas that are realease for visitation are fine and I would say I had fun even with the current restrictions.

Camilo A. Espejo E. - 5 days ago

5 Star Rating Very beautiful place.. Recommend

Oneda P. JesusDaughter - 24 days ago

2 Star Rating The place is in terrible state. You can see that there's a lack of investment. Disappointing.

Fabio Ferraz - 27 days ago

3 Star Rating The Zoo is under repairs. Because of that, not all animals that used to be shown there are available. Moreover, the ticket is a bit pricey for a place that is not working in its full service. It's a nice walk with family and friends though.

Jackin Rider - 4 months ago

3 Star Rating I would call this a farm and not really a zoo. it's kinda sad many of the animals look as if they are not being taken care of very well. some looked malnourished. many areas look as if they need repairs too. and not to many options to eat here either. bring food and water.

Edward Bukowski - 5 months ago


Video showing the different methods used to help keep the animals in the Rio Zoo cool during an intense heatwave

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