Church of Our Lady of the Glory

Church of Our Lady of the Glory is rich in history and sits on a hill offering some nice views of the city

Church of Our Lady of the Glory
Church of Our Lady of the Glory cc licensed photo by Halleypo

One very special and beautifully distinct church is the Church of Our Lady of the Glory, considered to be one of the most characteristic monuments to come out of Brazil's colonized years.

The Church of Our Lady of the Glory or Nossa Senhora da Glória in Portuguese started in a small hermitage in the seventeenth century. When the actual construction began, no one knows, all we do know is that it was inaugurated in 1739. There are some tales that credit Jose Cardoso Ramalho, a Portugeuse military engineer, with the project but there is no proof of that. The stone which was used to build the church was quarried in the Morro da Nova Sintra found in the neighbourhood of Glory.

The Church of Our Lady of the Glory forms two octagons placed to form an eight. This type of elliptical construction is typical of Baroque architecture and the Church of Our Lady of the Glory is the first building in Rio de Janeiro to have this style of construction. The entrance to the church is a magnificent archway with a medallion of the Virgin and Child above it. The entrance and the other two archways were carved in stone and limestone which was imported from Lisbon in the eighteenth century.

The carvings on the altar and elsewhere in the church are very interesting and beautifully done. There is no missing the mosaics and pictures throughout the church. These alone are worth making the trip for.

Perhaps due to its unique construction, the Church of Our Lady of the Glory was the favoured church of the Royal Portuguese Family. In 1819 Princess Maria da Gloria, future Queen Dona Maria the second, was baptized in the church. This started a tradition and all members of the royal family were baptized in that church following that date.

It is not only the Church of Our Lady of the Glory which is magnificent and fascinating to visit. There is also a museum attached to the church which contains a substantial collection of objects of worship and devotion.

The view from the church is not one to be missed. The church seems to be perched on the edge of the hill on which it is built and a wonderful view of Guanabara Bay can be seen from its surrounding gardens and from its windows. In fact, this hill itself is of great importance to Rio de Janeiro as it is the hill which marks Portuguese victory of the French.

Facts For Your Visit

Official Website: Igreja do Outeiro da Glória

Fee: No

Category: Churches

Address: Praça Nossa Senhora da Glória, 26
Rio de Janeiro - RJ 22211-110

Phone: +55 21 2225-2869


Yelp Rating:
3 out of 5 3 Star Rating
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Metro Line Nearest Station Walking Time
Line 1 - OrangeGloria3 Minutes

How to get to Igreja do Outeiro da Glória by Metro

Take Metro Line 1 to Gloria Station. Exit and walk south along the side walk and go left on the next road between the white apartment buildings. Follow the road continuing up hill on the cobblestones to the church.

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This video shows some of the nice views from the vantage point of this historic church

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