General Tiburcio Place | Praca General Tiburcio

Monuments to the Hero's of Brazil - Praca General Tiburcio

Praca General Tiburcio
Praca General Tiburcio cc licensed photo by Os Rúpias

The Praca General Tiburcio is a beautiful public park featuring a monument to the various hero's that feature in Brazil's history. From bronze lions to writers and war hero's, the statues and monuments in this park are definitely something that you should see.

The Praca General Tiburcio was built in 1817. It is named after General Tiburcio who faught bravely in Brazil's war with Paraguay. A statue was erected in his honour. You may confuse some locals if you ask directly for Praca General Tiburcio though. It is more commonly referred to as Praca de Leoes, Lion Square. This is thanks to the great bronze lions which were imported from Paris early on in the 20th century.

The statue of General Tiburcio is not the only piece of sculpture that you will find in the Praca General Tiburcio. If you wander around you may come across a lady sitting very still on one of the benches. This is a statue of Rachel de Queiroz.

Intendant Ildefonso Albano sent the Praca General Tiburcio through acomplete revamp during the early 20th century. He widened the streets, aligned sidewalks and even revamped the facades of the houses around the square. Statues of animals were added and a gazebo for band performances was erected in the park.

A visit to Praca General Tiburcio is a great excuse to do what people in the movies do in parks. Find a nice comfortable bench and watch the world go by or simply read a good book for a little while. You could bring along a picnic basket and enjoy a lunch on the grass. You could also take some time to cycle or skate or even run along the paths that cross the park. The environment is ideal for a little quiet reflection on Brazil's war hero's and a few photo opportunities with some very interesting statues.

Have a little time out and relax in Praca General Tiburcio. A moment of peace is sometimes needed and very rewarding.

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Address: Praça Gen. Tibúrcio, 75 - Urca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22290-270, Brazil


Rated 4.7 out of 5Mausoléu dos Heróis da Batalha de Laguna Star Rating

5 Star Rating A nice monument with something underneath.

Town Traveller - 5 months ago

5 Star Rating Show 👍🏽

Jorge Luiz Borre - 3 years ago

5 Star Rating 😊😊😊😊😊😊

Arthur Rocha - 7 years ago

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Thauane Moura - 7 years ago

4 Star Rating One of the meeting points for climbers in urca. Place very used for photos with different themes. Various events, including gastronomic events and craft beers, craft fairs, fashion fairs, opening of the mountaineering season.

Henri Sidney - 1 year ago

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Ride the Metro to Botafogo Station. Take the Rua Voluntarios da Patria exit and catch City Bus #513 at the stop northbound on Rua Nelson Mandela just south of the corner of Rua Voluntarios da Patria (right across the street from the Metro exit). This bus will require a separate cash fare. Ride the bus to the 3rd and last stop on Av. Pasteur. Exit the bus and continue walking east to the square.

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A quick look around the square at Praca General Tiburcio

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